‘1000-Lb. The Sisters” said goodbye with tears.

Quotes from an upcoming episode of “1000 lbs.” show that Tammy Slaton is being sent off with a heavy heart as she prepares for the life-changing surgery to help her lose weight.

As Tammy leaves the rehab center, her family is shown around her, cheering her on and supporting her.

Amy Slaton shows her concern for her sibling as the procedure approaches. “It’s difficult to fathom my life without Tammy,” she says, “and I just hope everything works out in there.”

The 36-year-old has worked hard to achieve her weight loss goal, and now it all comes down to this final step.

Tammy was surprised to see her family and friends waiting outside the facility with balloons, streamers, and other joyful decorations.

The banner, boldly hanging in the center of it all, bore the happy message: “Christmas greetings! Tammy, you are our cherished Queen!” She later said that the heartfelt show had given her tears of delight.

Tammy was overjoyed when she received a personalized poster from her friends and family.

Packed with lovely words and memories, it was a reminder of the appreciation and love she had been lucky to receive throughout her life.

She also used this opportunity to meet her nephew Glenn for the first time, who was born after her sister Amy had their second kid.

Tammy was happy to have him in her arms, and she told him about the two wonderful babies waiting for her at home.

Gage and Glenn, who would always be known as Aunt TT’s sons, were Gage’s and Glenn’s names.

Tammy thanked her family from the bottom of her heart for helping her and driving her around while she tried to lose weight.

She expressed gratitude for their affection and care, which gave her the strength and determination to achieve her ambitions.

She was so upset that she started crying and told them she wouldn’t be where she is today without them.