24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

A well-known and powerful foe like cancer can occasionally appear unexpectedly. Consider the story of the 24-year-old lady whose persistent burping was actually a sign of stage 3 cancer, a considerably more severe condition. Florida-born caring nurse, Bailey McBreen’s world was turned upside down in 2021 when she learned the heartbreaking news.

At first, Bailey didn’t think much of the fact that she burped about ten times per day. She had no idea that these constant burps were her body’s attempt to alert her that something was wrong. It seemed like a nuisance at the time, but she did not realize that her body was trying to alert her to severe danger.

Sadly, Bailey’s health worsened over time, and she started having severe stomach problems and acid reflux. Despite enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle that included frequent trips to the gym, Bailey was aware of something being off with her body.

She concluded that her recurrent burping was an unusual symptom that couldn’t be disregarded. She added her exercise regimen, “I diligently worked out 5-6 times a week for a solid 14 months.”

“Although I wasn’t aware of it then, my constant burping was the first sign that something was wrong. I would sneeze or burp five to ten times a day. I rarely burped previously, so this was rather strange for me. I found it strange, but I didn’t think much about it. I never in a million years thought that could be linked to such a horrible sickness,” she concluded.

On her cancer journey, Bailey has faced several difficulties. She had emergency surgery in January and is now having chemotherapy to treat her stage 3 colon cancer. It is anticipated that she will receive therapy through the end of August. She had been suffering from burping since the previous year, but she initially thought nothing of it.

She had no idea that her seemingly innocuous burping would develop into acid reflux, a symptom that her doctors initially misdiagnosed as worry, delaying treatment. Her symptoms, which included decreased hunger and unbearable discomfort, worsened over time.

Bailey felt that something was impeding her internal organs because she is a skilled nurse. She had a tumor growing in her intestines, which a CT scan ultimately proved.

When Bailey was only 24 years old, she received a stage three colon cancer diagnosis, which completely shocked her. Like many others in similar circumstances, she had no idea that nonspecific symptoms might indicate such a severe condition.

Bailey shared her surprise in an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk, saying, “I could never have fathomed that any obscure symptom I experienced could indicate stage three colon cancer.”

She said, “The first words that escaped my lips were, ‘I am not ready to die.’” Among young adults, colon cancer is relatively rare, with just two happenings being discovered annually per 100,000 people. Bailey genuinely thought she had an out-of-body experience.

She claimed she had the impression of witnessing herself receive the diagnosis while sitting in a room corner. While time seemed to slow down, her heart was pounding. She was ultimately in disbelief.

Following her difficult cancer journey, Bailey received a diagnosis in January. The tumor was found to have taken up residence in the transverse colon, directly below other abdominal organs. This position increased the treatment’s difficulty and worsened her cancer symptoms.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is a painful illness in which stomach acid runs back into the esophagus and causes heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms, was brought on by the tumor, according to Bailey.

In addition, the tumor completely blocked Bailey’s bowel, which made it challenging for her to have regular bowel motions and caused severe agony. “In my case, GERD was a symptom because my tumor was gradually obstructing my entire bowel,” she said. My food would become partially digested and ‘stuck’ above the tumor, causing reflux and burping.

She continued, “Excessive burping isn’t a usual symptom of colon cancer, but my doctor told me it was probably the start of my symptoms. Bailey McBreen has shown incredible tenacity and perseverance during her cancer struggle.

Despite the shock and anxiety of receiving a cancer diagnosis, she is determined not to let the condition rule her life. This courageous young woman wants to use her experience to warn others about the risks of ignoring unusual symptoms.

In her own words, she says, “I’m not going to let this illness rule my life. I am fighting this disease with everything I have.

She said that I have entirely switched to a non-toxic lifestyle; all of my cosmetics, cleaning goods, and kitchenware are now toxic-free. “Cancer doesn’t make distinctions. Even if a new symptom or alteration looks typical, it should be treated. I didn’t give my burping much thought as it was a “normal” event. It’s essential to pay attention to your body.

Bailey’s GoFundMe campaign has now raised over $72,000 of its $75,000 target! The outpouring of support she has gotten is evidence of humanity’s resiliency and compassion, coming together to help someone in need.