Parents usually expect to have one kid at a time, so when doctors informed Becki-Jo Allen, 23, that she was pregnant with triplets, she was taken aback. After giving birth, she experienced yet another surprise: all three children were boys. It was not expected and is a pretty uncommon occurrence.

The Allens were ecstatic to tell their daughter Indiana that she would have three smaller brothers! The odds of having identical triplets is one in 200 million. The fresh additions to their family thrilled Becki-Jo and her husband.

The couple was considering having more children because they already had two. With a bit of guidance from above, they ultimately had three more. They discovered they were expecting triplets during the scan!

During her pregnancy, Becki-Jo suffered from frequent headaches, so the doctors conducted an ultrasound earlier than expected. The couple rejoiced when they found out they were having triplets!

“My life’s most frightening event was seeing the cesarean section delivery of three sons in the mother’s 31st week of pregnancy. Since we don’t have any triplets in the family, it was completely unexpected.” 

The three boys, Rohan, Roman, and Rocco, were around three pounds and five ounces each. Before they could stand up on their own, they spent the first six weeks of their lives in intensive care. The boys are all incredibly gorgeous!

“We’re happy with how well our kids did; after only six weeks, they were all able to go back to live with their parents after rapidly gaining weight.”  Everyone who visited the family noted how much they look alike.

The outcomes of a personal DNA test revealed that the three shared a genetic structure!

Because it is challenging for one egg to split in two and then for one of these split eggs to split again during the first ten days of pregnancy, triplets are uncommon in the wild. Only four pairs of identical triplets were delivered in the US in 2021. Consequently, this is a relatively unusual and unique occurrence!

Even though their three boys look pretty similar, Becki-Jo has no trouble telling them apart. She clarified that she only saw similarities between them while they were asleep.

The lads all have black birthmarks between their brows, and they all have different personalities. The three boys keep their parents busy, using roughly 130 diapers and five packages of wipes each week.

Indiana adores her three younger brothers and is quite proud of them. She knows they are well-liked by kids their age, yet she is not jealous.

It might be challenging to have three younger brothers, but Indiana wouldn’t want it any other way. She is confident that they will always support one another and stick together.

Such a beautiful family, don’t you think?