The father wanted to teach life lessons to his daughter by giving her an old, used car as a gift. He wanted her to become responsible and learn how to work hard.

He also educated her about money and finances by assigning her to determine the car’s value. His daughter learned a great lesson from this, one she will carry with her for her entire life.

The father told his daughter that although he had purchased the car a while back, he wanted her to take it to the center’s used parking lot and act as though she was selling it before giving it to her to find the car’s worth. When the daughter returned, she said she had received a $1,000 offer for the automobile because it was so beat up.

The father had asked his daughter to try and see how much is the automobile at a Pawn Shop, but she returned home with a significantly lesser offer of $100. The father said she should have asked for more money, adding that it was a lesson in bargaining.

Then the father asked the daughter to take the car to a car club and see how much the people there would offer. The clubgoers made an offer of $100,000 for the vehicle when the daughter drove there, as they were aware it was a Nissan Skyline R34, an iconic and extremely rare car.

The father wanted his daughter to understand how much she was treasured and that it was normal to feel unappreciated by some people around her. He counseled the daughter to avoid folks who didn’t value him. He explained that it showed she wasn’t where she should be and that her value was probably much higher than people gave her credit for.

“As you can see, some people would have offered you $1000, telling you the car is beaten up, others $100, claiming the car is too old, and they have no use for it, but the people at the car club went straight to $100.000, as they knew the real value of the car.”

“It’s the same with people, some will think you’re not worth anything, not even their time. Make sure you stay away from that kind of people, always remember your real worth, and focus on finding a place where others know that too.”

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