A group in a tiny Dutch village called the police after witnessing something weird at their next-door neighbor’s house.

When a group in a Dutch town noticed something strange at their neighbors’ houses, they called the police.

Further inquiry revealed that the lack of snow on the housetops was caused by an overheating atmosphere engineered to facilitate an underground marijuana-growing enterprise.

Instead of a white winter blanket, these neighbors saw signs of a successful cannabis company.

The Dutch police have been cracking down on illegal cannabis manufacturing recently. This is because more drug lords turn to indoor cultivation to make their products more covert.

However, this has led to problems with a shortage of snow on their roofs throughout the winter season.

The building owner used for this illegal operation was found to be hiding five marijuana plants and was given a lengthy prison sentence.

In the Netherlands, you can grow up to five cannabis plants for personal use, but you could face strict penalties if you grow more.