A Hollywood star worth $150 million appears unrecognizable as she rides the subway.

This well-known movie actor transitioned from Swansea’s dreary Mumbles neighborhood to Hollywood’s gleaming studios.

Despite her newfound ease in Chicago and familiarity with private jets and airport terminals, she astonished everyone when she captured herself on the London Underground during a recent vacation to the city.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Hollywood diva, demonstrated that she had remembered her roots. She chose the fast-paced train to see London, embracing the convenience of public transit.

Furthermore, with no interruptions, the 53-year-old actress had the entire train cabin to herself.

Catherine effectively hid her identity throughout the trip by wearing a fashionable gray hat, a scarf, and sunglasses. She smiled at the camera while riding the train alone and said, “When you’re the sole passenger on the train, and you feel this content, it’s just me enjoying public transportation in London.”

She captioned the video with the phrase “Tube Time!” and mentioned Transport for London. Catherine, blissfully married to A-list actor Michael Douglas, is said to have a fortune worth $150 million.

Her talent and achievements have paid off handsomely, with prominent examples including the $3 million she received for her outstanding performance in the film Traffic and an additional $1 million for her exceptional work in Chicago in 2000.

These fees were considered extravagant for their respective years, cementing her position as a sought-after actress.

Catherine has accumulated enormous riches in addition to her acting profession through expensive endorsement deals. The $10 million she claimed she made from her partnership with T-Mobile is one of the most notable.

Catherine and Michael have also deliberately invested millions in joint real estate enterprises to diversify their financial portfolios.

When asked about their professions, Michael stressed that they are not rivaling one another and instead concentrate on their separate pursuits. “I don’t believe there is any competition between us,” he said.

We each have our interests. We attempt to time them differently to be there for our children while they are younger. Catherine is working on another year of Wednesday and several other fascinating projects.”

“Honestly, my kids couldn’t watch the movies I’ve made,” he joked. There is a new generation of fans. When many kids suddenly know who you used to be, you’ve come the closest to immortality. That is a lot of fun.”

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