A Life-Changing Accident: Valerie’s Journey to Heaven

Accidents can have profound effects on our lives, as Valerie Paters discovered firsthand. One moment of inattention led to a devastating car accident that left her in a coma, fighting for her life. But what happened during her time in the coma is nothing short of extraordinary.

When Valerie’s car was trapped beneath a tractor-trailer in March of 2000, the outlook was grim. She was unconscious and her health was rapidly deteriorating. Doctors feared the worst and doubted she would survive.

But Valerie’s sister, Cheryl, held onto hope and relied on her faith in God. Despite the doctors’ grim prognosis, Cheryl found solace in Psalm 118:17, declaring, “I will not die but live, and will tell what the LORD has done.” She firmly believed that Valerie’s life was not over.

Days turned into weeks, and Cheryl, along with their family and church community, fervently prayed for Valerie’s recovery. They trusted in God and clung to the belief that He would bring Valerie back to them. Amidst the uncertainty, faith was their guiding light.

Yet, despite their unwavering prayers, the doctors delivered heartbreaking news. Valerie showed no signs of brain activity and her chances of survival appeared slim. Medical interventions were keeping her alive, but hope seemed to fade.

Though Valerie’s physical state remained unchanged, her consciousness transcended earthly bounds. Valerie attests to having experienced a journey to heaven while in her coma. She describes the brightness that enveloped her and the overwhelming presence of Jesus. In that heavenly place, she felt a profound sense of belonging and peace.

Something remarkable occurred during her time in heaven. Valerie, who had spent her life feeling unloved by Jesus, encountered His unconditional love in its fullest form. This encounter transformed her perspective entirely. “It had nothing to do with anything that I had done for Him,” Valerie shares. “It wasn’t my performance, that’s for sure. Nothing. It was only me, but I wasn’t the only thing that He loved about me. But I was the object of His affections.”

Valerie’s story is a deeply emotional one that prompts introspection. It compels us to consider the power of faith and the boundless love that awaits us beyond this earthly realm. If you’d like to hear Valerie tell her incredible story in her own words, watch the video below.