A parent was chastised online for dragging her infant on a leash through an airport.

Being a parent can be challenging; it does not come with an instruction manual. The trials and hardships of raising children are genuine, whether you’re a new or experienced parent.

Attempting to figure out how to cope with disruptive behavior while setting boundaries is difficult. It’s crucial to acknowledge that no matter how many years of expertise you have, there may be times when you don’t know the right thing to do.

Online debates among parents about the best way to raise a child are becoming more common.

This was certainly the case in 2019 when a mother was videotaped carrying her son by a strap secured around his chest at an airport. The video immediately became popular on TikTok, prompting heated disagreement among its viewers.

Parenthood is frustrating, as children may be complicated for even the most seasoned parents.

Even so, parents are always looking for new ways to help their kids become responsible adults while still being patient. This ever-changing landscape ultimately causes so much conflict among various parenting techniques.

Erica Shupe Hall posted a video of an event that caused a heated discussion on the app TikTok. It shows a mother carrying her infant through an airport in Cancun, Mexico as if it were a pet with a leash.

Many people thought this was an unacceptable way to punish a child.

Several thought the mother’s actions were too severe and wrong for the occasion. People who watched the video clip wondered why the mother was harsh with her child.

Regardless of how people deal with challenging situations, most believe this case went too far.

The video rapidly sparked anger and showed a mother seemingly attempting to persuade her child to accompany her.

As the kid refused and sat on the floor, the woman began pulling him across the carpet with a leash attached to his body harness.

This horrible scene caused a lot of people to say what they thought, which led to millions of views. The comments area was inundated with varied ideas and competing viewpoints.