A three-year-old girl wakes up during her own burial, is promptly taken to the hospital, but unhappily dies again. May she rest in peace.

People sometimes dismiss tales of the afterlife as mere fables, but occasionally, a particular event brings all those uncertainties and anxieties crashing together.

This was the situation for the family of Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza, a three-year-old. Their lives took a tragic turn when they went through a terrifying encounter that made them question their beliefs.

It all started when young Camila became ill on a fateful day in August. She had a high fever, vomiting, and experiencing stomach pain, so her worried mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, decided to get her medical attention.

They went to a pediatrician in their hometown of Villa de Ramos, but the practitioner thought Camila’s illness was grave and required expert care. Mary Jane accompanied Camila to San Luis Potosi in central Mexico because she was determined to find her daughter the best care possible.

The Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital was where they arrived, and their medical staff attended to Camila’s plight. Her lower body was covered in a cool towel, and an oximeter was used to check her oxygen saturation.

The doctor recommended paracetamol, hoping it might help Camila’s problems. Her family sought a second opinion as her condition deteriorated for several hours.

The following doctor gave Camila another prescription and advised her to eat more fruit. However, this strategy also came up empty. They sought the advice of another doctor out of desperation, who strongly suggested admission to the hospital.

Camila was brought to the hospital in Salinas that evening around nine or ten when she received the care and assistance she required from medical specialists.

The medical staff sought to administer oxygen and intravenous therapy but had trouble locating Camila’s tiny veins. After some effort, a nurse was able to place the IV correctly.

However, it was terminated after 10 minutes, and Camila was given sleep medication. The distressed mother could do nothing but hand over her kid to the medical team after being confined in a different room and removed from her.

Mary Jane was devastated to learn that her beloved daughter had passed away from dehydration a short time later. The family planned a memorial ceremony the next day to celebrate Camila’s life and give friends and family a chance to grieve with them.

Amazingly, Camila’s grandma saw the coffin’s glass window locking up during the funeral service. Family members forbade her from raising the lid, deeming it a hallucination, despite her wish to see her cherished granddaughter again.

But when she looked more closely, she saw Camila’s eyelids blinking, and to everyone’s surprise, they found a weak heartbeat. Camila was there!

The medical personnel in Salinas promptly took Camila back to the hospital, where they did everything they could to save her. They made an effort but couldn’t stop the unfortunate course of things.

Cerebral edema was identified as the cause by the testing, indicating that the problem had advanced too far. The distraught mother said, “My baby girl had arrived at that stage.

We are upset since my child was pleased and got along with everyone and didn’t pick on anyone in particular. Many people on the property adored her, and they supported us.

In contrast to the first death certificate, which only specified dehydration, the second one listed dehydration together with cerebral edema and metabolic failure.

Camila was set to start kindergarten this week, but it was stolen and will never happen. Mary Jane, who is deeply distressed, ardently pursues justice, stating, “I want justice to be done, that’s all.”

She doesn’t have anything against the physicians who worked so hard to save her daughter, but she begs for a change in the medical staff to stop tragedies like this from happening again.

Jose Luis Ruiz, the San Luis Potosi state attorney general, has opened an investigation into the event, and an autopsy on Camila is presently being performed. The bereaved parents sincerely ask the government for justice, hoping to receive explanations and comfort.

We can only offer the Mendoza family our deepest sympathies in the face of this unfathomable loss. May Camila, the child, find an everlasting peace, and her family receive the consolation and justice they so richly deserve.