A Vibrant Little Girl, Overcoming Tragedy with Love and Strength

Zoey, a vivacious and lively little girl, was struck by tragedy at the young age of three. This devastating illness turned her world upside down, but her loving family remained by her side, determined to support her every step of the way.

When Zoey tripped and lost control of both hands while playing, her family rushed her to the hospital. The news they received was heart-wrenching: Zoey had been diagnosed with DIPG, an extremely rare and aggressive brain tumor. It felt like a death sentence for the young girl who had brought so much joy to those around her.

Despite the devastating diagnosis, Zoey’s family found strength within themselves. Over the next two years, Zoey underwent numerous cancer treatments, including a promising radiation therapy in Germany. Although her condition eventually worsened, her family never stopped fighting.

On July 4, 2018, Zoey peacefully passed away in the comfort of her American home, surrounded by her loved ones. It was a heartbreaking moment for her parents, Casey and Ben, but they took solace in the fact that they had created beautiful last memories together.

In a bittersweet act of bravery, Zoey’s mother, Casey, decided to share one of their final moments as a family on Facebook. She wanted to showcase the love and beauty that permeated their lives, even in the face of pain. The poignant picture captures the loving embrace of Zoey’s parents, sitting on the couch alongside their family dog. They spent the day together singing Disney songs and watching a Harry Potter movie, feeling a sense of peace enveloping them. And in that peacefulness, Zoey quietly slipped away.

“I wanted a photo like that taken. I wanted those moments captured so I can remember them forever, even when my brain is gone,” shared Casey.

In honor of Zoey, Casey and her family have started the Facebook page “Zoey’s Light,” aiming to spread hope and love to the world. They hope to inspire others to help one another and approach each day with love and gratitude. Zoey’s light may have vanished, but her spirit lives on, reminding us to cherish the ordinary moments that make life extraordinary.

Zoey’s journey was one filled with love, strength, and unimaginable pain. Casey and Ben have shown incredible resilience and love as parents, and their prayers for Zoey will continue forever.

Rest in peace, sweet Zoey. Your light will forever shine upon us all.