A woman becomes wealthy after winning $5 million on a lottery scratch-off.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (TND) – A dramatic transition happened in the life of a Californian woman who was once homeless and is now wealthy and abundant.

According to lottery officials, Lucia Forseth discovered her winning 2023 Scratchers ticket while waiting for an oil change at a Walmart. “I decided to buy just one ticket, closed my eyes, and chose it randomly.”

It turned out to be the winning ticket, much to my surprise!” said Forseth. “At first, I thought it was just a free ticket, but when I checked, I discovered I had won a whopping $5 million.”

Forseth said she chose the 2023 ticket because of its profound symbolism. She believed that this ticket had particular significance for her.

“I was homeless six years ago. And now I’m getting married, finishing my associate’s degree, and winning $5 million this year,” Forseth explained.

“I never considered the possibility of winning. It happened at random. I lived on the streets only a few years ago and never imagined something like this would happen to me.”

When asked about her future intentions, Forseth stated that she intends to invest the remainder of her profits and buy a house.

The lottery administrators stressed that Forseth’s inspirational narrative demonstrates the tremendous influence that winning games can have on individuals and educational institutions.