A woman has replied to the global dissemination of her fiancé’s marriage proposal on a scrap of paper.

Erica Murphy, an Atlanta-based news journalist, recently took to social media to share the touching story of her fiancé’s unconventional marriage proposal, eliciting a broad spectrum of reactions from netizens.

Murphy shared an image of a ring box with a handwritten note stating, “Will You Marry Me?”.

She revealed that her soon-to-be husband, Monta Homes, had placed this surprise in the bathroom for her to uncover before she left for work. She enthusiastically accepted his proposal, sealing the occasion with the hashtag #FutureMrsHomes.

While the news of their engagement brought the couple great delight, it also elicited a range of comments from social media users, with some criticizing the proposal’s execution and others defending the pair’s right to their personal preferences and choices.

In an interview, Erica Murphy gave her thoughts on the subject. While witnessing viral proposals happening to others can be funny, experiencing them oneself is an altogether different and very personal experience.

She wanted to clarify that Monta Homes had put a lot of time and work into his proposal, dispelling any preconceptions that it was a rash or reckless gesture. “This man traveled from Detroit to do this.”

“This was not an afterthought,” she emphasized vehemently. Murphy described her emotional exhaustion from covering a Confederate memorial ceremony for work in the days preceding the proposal.

She admitted being annoyed when Homes made a commotion in the bathroom just 30 minutes before she was supposed to wake up for her early morning job. It was a lingering annoyance from before. “I was just so irritated,” she admitted of her emotional state at the time.

Monta Homes methodically arranged the proposal, fully aware that Murphy would enter the bathroom to clean up after him. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he tore a piece of paper from his study notebook and inscribed the sincere proposal.

“I am this type of person.” “I want to catch her when she least expects it,” Homes remarked, explaining his motive for the unique method. Despite some backlash on social media for his choice, Homes expressed satisfaction with how he proposed.

“I know other people wanted me to get the blimp with ‘the world is yours’ and all that other stuff,” he said firmly. But that’s just because I could have done it. “However, I prefer this.”

The proposal’s substance struck a deep chord with Erica Murphy, leaving an unforgettable impact on her heart. She keeps a scrap of paper as a memento, a continual reminder of the tender moment she and Monta experienced.

She greeted her fiancé with a beautiful smile, saying, “Monta, you’re so adorable,” expressing her overpowering feelings on that unforgettable day.