A woman entered the grocery shop, clothed simply and with a solemn expression on her face. She approached the proprietor shyly and requested if she may take some things home with the promise of paying later.

Her voice trembled as she described her difficult situation: her husband was critically ill and unable to work, leaving her to care for their seven children while fighting to make ends meet.

The storekeeper was unimpressed by her misery and directed his security officers to remove her from the premises. Despite this, she persisted in asking for his forgiveness, promising to reimburse him as soon as possible.

A close customer overheard their talk and observed the terrible incident unfold in front of them.

The customer approached the shop owner and indicated he wanted to shop with his wife, but he was ignored. In response, the storekeeper approached the woman and asked if she had a list of needed products.

She responded positively and was told to place her list on the scales.

She hesitantly took out a piece of paper and placed it on the scales, only to observe that they were quickly weighed down like a heavy stone had been placed atop them. This odd sight took both the customer and the store by surprise.

The shopkeeper was taken aback as she observed the woman remain set in her position while placing more and more food on the weighing scales.

Realizing that nothing would fit, the owner examined the paper more closely. To her surprise, a prayer read: “O Lord, you know my needs, and I place this situation in your hands.”

The owner, moved by the woman’s faith and determination, agreed to give her everything on the scale. One can only imagine the emotions she must have had as she walked out of the store with her bag full of groceries—relief, appreciation, and joy—all because of simple yet powerful words of trust.

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