A woman in her 70s cuts her long hair to make herself look 40 years old.

Sarah Chisolm, a Boston native, is 70 years old and increasingly irritated with her long hair.

The 73-year-old woman stated her desire for an updated style in a 2019 YouTube video, giving her the “oomph” she needs to show how youthful she feels inside.

She was open to cutting her hair short or coloring it blue, green, or yellow.

Chisolm is anxious for a fresh start after years of having her hair long and plans to take this opportunity to improve her external image.

Short hair is prevalent among older women because it is low maintenance, requires less upkeep than long hair, and is easier to keep healthy.

The production of sebaceous glands reduces as we age, leading our hair to become brittle and frizzy. Longer hair tends to highlight this dullness more than shorter ones.

Even though short haircuts must be brushed out often, they are easy to style and shape to match a woman’s face.

Many older women seek out noted hairstylist Christopher Hopkins, owner of his salons in Minneapolis and St. Paul, to make a stunning transformation.

Hopkins also has a popular YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers, where he showcases his expertise in makeovers for middle-aged and elderly clients.

For many years, Christopher Hopkins, popularly known as The Makeover Guy or the “Magic Man,” has been helping ladies over 45 looks and feel their best.

In 2017, he published Staging Your Comeback: A Full Beauty Revival for Women Over 45, a best-seller in the beauty, grooming, and style categories.

Chris recently gave one of his clients, Chisolm, a bouncy and volumizing hairdo that complemented her enthusiastic personality.

Chisolm felt confident enough to say she was ready to dance with boys following her makeover, with wispy hits and a bright appearance.

Seeing Christopher’s studio just added to her enjoyment of the makeover experience.

The change in Aneesa Hopkins’ hair from dull to gorgeous wowed viewers. Her new appearance included a high hairline with bangs and makeup that appeared younger.

This significantly transformed her appearance, making her appear more bright and active.

Many said she appeared like a different woman than before, one who was much more vibrant and lovely.

Sarah Chisolm’s change is very astounding! Her renewed taste for life and confidence has given her a much-needed lift, for which the Makeover Dude deserves enormous thanks.

Sarah’s shiny new look has her itching to get out there and start exploring, whether to find someone special or hit the dance floor.

Her friends will undoubtedly be pleased with the transformation the Makeover Expert has wrought on her!