A woman was “dead” for 27 minutes, but when she awoke, she scribbled a chilling message…

Tina suffered a heart attack while traveling with her husband of three decades, Brian, and was severely ill. Brian’s quick thinking may have saved her life, as he quickly began doing CPR when he noticed she wasn’t breathing.

Despite Brian’s initial success, Tina’s condition remained critical, requiring resuscitation six times by medical workers between the time the ambulance arrived and her arrival at the hospital. Tina’s heart stopped several times and she was considered “dead” for 27 minutes.

The terrifying incident emphasizes the significance of understanding CPR and receiving prompt medical attention during a heart attack, as it might be the difference between life and death.

It also demonstrates Tina’s grit and the strenuous efforts of medical experts who battled to preserve her life.

Following her medical treatment, the mother of four remained unresponsive and unable to communicate, prompting her husband, Brian, to pray for her recovery.

His prayers were finally answered when medical personnel informed him that his wife had recovered consciousness.

Her illness, however, constituted a considerable threat, prompting her to request a pen and paper. Tina scribbled something horrible into the form with all her strength, leaving those around uneasy.

Her family and the medical staff were aware that whatever she said was critical.

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