After being slapped, Britney Spears demands a public apology: It’s “embarrassing”

Rumors began spreading in Las Vegas regarding an alleged scuffle between Victor Wembanyama’s security officer and none other than the famed music phenomenon Britney Spears.

According to witnesses, the incident comprised a backhanded blow and the dislodging of Britney’s spectacles, which left her upset and demanding answers.

Britney Spears expressed her outrage and detailed her version of events surrounding the alleged “traumatic” assault on her Instagram stories.

The “Toxic” singer stated that she had had her fair share of painful events, and what happened the night before caught her completely off guard.

Britney recounted the story, saying she had observed an athlete in her hotel and decided to approach him to congratulate him on his accomplishments. She lightly tapped him on the shoulder to grab his attention in the middle of the noise.

However, she rejected the player’s claim that she had grabbed him from behind, stating that it was merely a tap. Without turning back, the security officer backhanded her in the face, nearly causing her to stumble and knocking her glasses off.

Britney emphasized that, despite being surrounded by fans regularly, her security staff had never used violence against them.

Despite her embarrassment at telling the world about the incident, Britney felt it was critical to shed light on it and call on public figures to set an example by treating everyone respectfully.

She also expressed concern about the surge in physical violence, often behind closed doors. She demanded an apology from the athlete, his security team, or his organization, none of which had publicly acknowledged the occurrence.

Britney ended her letter by thanking her fans for their everlasting support, the Las Vegas Police Department, and the committed investigators who supported her.

According to TMZ, Britney immediately reported the alleged incident to authorities at the Catch restaurant at the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas. When she approached the athlete with her husband, Sam Asghari, admirers surrounded her.

Later in the restaurant, the security guy approached her and apologized, defending his actions by citing the overwhelming aspect of being surrounded by admirers.

The Las Vegas Police Department verified its response to a “battery investigation” on Las Vegas Boulevard, stating that while a police complaint was submitted, no arrests were made.

During the events, audio recordings of Victor Wembanyama recounting the incident appeared on Twitter. He clarified that he did not see what happened since he was told to keep walking without halting.

However, he believed security may have intervened after Britney grabbed him from behind, but he couldn’t tell how far they went. Victor said that he never saw Britney’s face and only found out who she was hours later.

Britney’s husband, who has been married to her for a year, expressed his disgust with the security officer in a blistering comment on social media, adding to the building controversy.

In his article, the 29-year-old model emphasized his calm reaction to the situation and hoped the security officer would learn an important lesson and change his unfavorable attitude toward women.