Al Roker appreciates all the help he’s received while being treated for blood clots. He provides videos and photographs from the hospital in a Thanksgiving Day update. He is on his way out of the hospital after being treated for blood clots that had spread from his legs to his lungs.

Without Al, the parade would not have been the same. People are now highly thankful to him and the doctors and nurses who cared for their loved one. Jenna Bush Hager also took part in the parade.

Al Roker shared an Instagram shot of himself enjoying the Macy’s parade from home. This is the first time in 27 years that he has missed the parade.

He used a snapshot of himself and a thumbs up to express his regret for missing the procession. Despite the fact that he was at home, Al Roker was greatly missed by his coworkers, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

Many people have noticed Al Roker’s recent absences from the Today Show cast during the last two weeks. On his personal Instagram feed, Al Roker explained why he was absent. After being hospitalized due to a health scare, he took the time to share a snapshot of the flowers he received as a thank you.

Roker says, “Many of you have asked about my whereabouts. Last week, I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg that had traveled to my lungs.” “Fortunately, I’m feeling better and anticipate making a full recovery,” he continues.

Al Roker appreciates the excellent medical treatment he is receiving and believes he is on the way. He thanks his supporters for their support and hopes to see them again soon. His Today Show colleagues wish him a quick recovery.

Dylan Dryer, Craig Melvin, and Savannah Guthrie all showed their affection and wished Al Roker a speedy recovery. They also stated that he is the toughest person they know, that they miss him, and want to see him again soon.

According to Guthrie and Kotb, Lauer is doing well and in good spirits. He has been chatting with his friends and family and is said to be in a good mood.

We are praying for his quick recovery and good health. Please join us in praying for Al Roker so that he can get back to doing what he loves as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your help! Let us join together in prayer for a favorable outcome for Al Roker, the beloved weatherman.