Am I wrong for leaving a family dinner at an upscale restaurant?

It’s not easy to please everyone, especially when it comes to family gatherings. One Reddit user experienced this firsthand and shared their story on the AITA subreddit.

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The anonymous individual explained that they had always been successful compared to their family members. Whenever they were in town, they made sure to treat their loved ones to dinner. So when their mom informed them of a family gathering at a high-end steakhouse, they didn’t think much of it.

However, when they arrived at the restaurant, they were shocked to see over 20 people gathered there. The family gatherings they were used to consisted of only a few close individuals. This time, their mom had even invited a neighbor they barely knew. The Reddit user had only waved hi to them a few times.

To make matters worse, everyone had already ordered expensive steaks, with prices ranging from $80 to $250 per person. The grandma’s neighbor even raised a toast, praising the Reddit user’s generosity in covering the bill. This unexpected situation left them feeling taken advantage of.

Realizing that their family was trying to exploit their generosity, the Reddit user made a decision. They left $100 on the table, stating that they wouldn’t be paying for dinner, and walked out of the restaurant. The following day, they left the country without saying goodbye.

Despite recognizing their less-than-ideal reaction to the situation, they were devastated that their family would try to take advantage of them in such a sneaky way. They decided to reach out to their mother, offering an apology for storming out and hoping to make amends. However, their mother responded with accusations of selfishness, greed, and disrespect.

This harsh response was unexpected, considering the Reddit user had been incredibly kind to their family over the years. They had provided their mom with cars, remodeled the bathroom, replaced the roof, bought new appliances, and fully paid for numerous family vacations. Yet, they were met with ingratitude.

This led the Reddit user to take drastic measures. They cancelled several services and cut off financial assistance to those who failed to appreciate their generosity. Most family members chose to involve themselves in the feud, and the Reddit user was even uninvited from a cousin’s wedding. The family expected a gift despite the tension.

The Reddit community overwhelmingly supported the user’s actions, agreeing that they were NTA (Not The Asshole) in this situation. Many felt that the family had disrespected them by assuming they would foot the bill and inviting so many people to the expensive restaurant.

Do you think the Reddit user did the right thing by standing up for themselves? Let us know what you think!