Amy Slaton of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Files For E.P.O. After Calling 911 On Ex Michael Halterman

Amy Halterman (formerly Slaton), who just got divorced from Michael Halterman, asked for a protective order against him because she said he had hurt her physically during a previous fight.

On March 8, 2023, the application was changed to allow the 40-year-old restricted access to his two children, 2-year-old Gage and 8-month-old Glenn, as long as his mother or sister were there.

This would allow him to continue bonding with his sons while safeguarding them from harm.

Amy called 911 that fateful Friday afternoon and reported her and Michael’s domestic argument. She said the father of two was hurling objects and acting aggressively at their Kentucky home.

The conflict looked to have started because Amy wished to divorce Michael, who, on the other side, refused to accept her decision.

The officer on the scene stated that neither of them was under the effects of drugs or alcohol. Gage and Glenn were both present at the house when the incident happened.

Michael and Amy separated after filing for divorce with the state of Kentucky. Amy and her two sons sought refuge in the Kentucky home of her older sister, Tammy.

According to a family member, they were all caught aback by the abrupt end of their relationship. According to reports, Michael had grown envious of Amy’s children’s attention, which generated conflict between them.

Amy’s brothers despised him for his apparent behavior towards their beloved sister.

Michael’s perceived lack of passion as a husband and father has taken its toll on the family, according to a recent episode of the popular T.L.C. show.

Amy was devastated when, at a family event, Michael showed no interest in assisting her in caring for their two young sons, Gage and Glenn.

Her half-sister conveyed her discontent with the situation to Amanda, emphasizing that it should not be primarily Amy’s responsibility to care for the boys and that Michael should also be an involved parent.