An Incredible Discovery: Missing 9-Year-Old Found After 6 Years

In a heartwarming turn of events, Kayla Unbehaun, a missing nine-year-old girl who was featured on Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries,” has been found alive after six long years. This remarkable breakthrough happened when a Good Samaritan recognized Kayla while shopping at Plato’s Closet in Asheville, North Carolina.

The woman wasted no time and immediately alerted the authorities, putting an end to the mystery that had captivated the entire nation. This incredible story highlights the power of awareness and individual engagement in reuniting missing loved ones.

A Father’s Joy and Gratitude

Kayla’s biological father, Ryan Iskerka, expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude in a statement released through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He extended his heartfelt thanks to the South Elgin Police Department, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and all the law enforcement agencies involved in his daughter’s case for their tireless efforts.

However, the happiness is tinged with sadness, as Kayla’s mother, Heather Unbehaun, was arrested on a fugitive charge. While she has been released on bond, she is scheduled to appear in court on July 11, 2023, to face the charges against her. This serves as a reminder of the importance of justice in safeguarding the safety and well-being of our children.

Kayla's Family

The Community’s Support and Resilience

Kayla’s disappearance in 2017 sent shockwaves through her community, prompting her father to create a GoFundMe page to aid in the search. He shared that Kayla had been with her mother following a Fourth of July parade in Wheaton, Illinois. However, when it was time to drop off Kayla with her father, both her mother and the child failed to show up. Iskerka immediately reported Kayla missing and worked closely with the police in their efforts to locate her.

Now, as Kayla begins her journey of reconnecting with her family and reintegrating into society, her inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope. It reminds us all that even in the darkest of times, there is always a chance for a happy ending. Let us uphold the importance of staying vigilant, spreading awareness, and working together to protect and bring home missing children, just like Kayla Unbehaun.