An Inspiring Act of Kindness by Trooper Drew Stoner

A heartwarming story unfolded in the heart of Texas when Mary Summers, a 92-year-old woman, found herself in a challenging situation. After running over a nail, she discovered one of her tires had punctured. Seeking help at Integrity Tires in Richmond, Texas, Mary was taken aback when she learned that the repairs were beyond her financial means.

Omar Oregueda, the attending mechanic, stated to Mary that all four of her tires were critically worn out and needed to be replaced. Mary could only afford to replace the damaged tire and hoped that was enough.

She pleaded with Omar, but unfortunately, replacing only one tire wouldn’t guarantee her safety on the road. Changing all four tires would cost $600.

Feeling defeated, Mary slowly made her way toward her chair with the assistance of her walker, ready to leave the establishment. But little did she know that a guardian angel was silently watching over her. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper Drew Stoner overheard their conversation and decided to intervene.

Approaching the desk behind Mary, Trooper Stoner quietly left her with a heartwarming surprise before leaving the store. He informed Omar that Mary would receive four new tires at no cost, covering the entire expense. When Mary was eventually told, her eyes widened in shock and gratitude.

Omar arranged for the tires to be replaced and performed a kind gesture of his own – a free oil change for Mary. He emphasized the importance of individuals caring for one another and highlighted the significance of strangers helping strangers. This act of kindness showcased the power of compassion and reminded us that we are all together.

News of this heartwarming act of kindness quickly spread, catching the attention of the local TV station KHOU. They facilitated a reunion between Mary and Trooper Stoner, who visited her at home. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mary appreciated the police officer who had come to her rescue unexpectedly.

Trooper Stoner humbly explained that he wasn’t acting to attract attention, but rather out of a sincere desire to protect Mary and other drivers on the road. He envisioned the potential danger that could arise if Mary continued driving with worn-out tires, and he couldn’t ignore that risk.

Mary embraced Trooper Stoner joyfully and exclaimed, “I’m so grateful for you! I’m thrilled. To meet someone with such a great heart makes me proud.”

The story of Trooper Drew Stoner’s kindness and selflessness quickly went viral, with people hailing him as a true American hero. Numerous comments praised his actions and emphasized the importance of helping one another, regardless of the circumstances, as that defines a hero in our hearts.

Recognizing True Heroes

It’s important to note that Trooper Drew Stoner’s kindness towards Mary was not an isolated incident. The previous year, he was honored with the Medal of Valor, the highest accolade awarded by the DPS, for his bravery and dedication.

Before his shift began, he apprehended a gunman and saved a woman with gunshot wounds. This remarkable feat demonstrated his unwavering commitment to serving and protecting the community.

Trooper Stoner’s genuine desire to help and his continuous efforts to make a positive impact highlight the true essence of a hero. Let us express our gratitude for his selflessness and acknowledge how fortunate we are to have dedicated officers like him in our police force. Trooper Drew Stoner inspires us all, reminding us to lend a helping hand whenever we can and be the heroes in each other’s lives.