As a mother checked the footage from the baby’s room security cameras, she saw something strange.

Erika Danielle, a mother who wanted to keep a closer eye on her kid, decided to put security cameras in the baby’s room. She was astounded by what she discovered when she listened to the videos.

There was something weird that drew her attention right away. When reviewing the camera tape, she was taken aback when she discovered something surprising.

Erika Danielle felt that monitoring her child’s nocturnal behavior would be safe. She hoped that by listening to the recordings, she could detect any movement or disruption during the night.

But when she put the cameras up and watched the footage, she was shocked to see what looked like ghosts in the baby’s nursery. That terrified her and left her confused about what may have caused it.

The mother described the pictures as weird and unexplained, leaving her concerned about what might have transpired in her child’s bedroom as they slept.

The child’s mother was surprised that the films she posted on her TikTok account had received millions of views. Folks from all over the world were captivated to see what had happened after seeing the incredible footage.

The first video showed the baby waking up in a room and being suddenly attacked with an illuminating light that resembled a globe and cascaded fast across the walls.

Then, other films were released that showed similar things happening in her child’s room, which gave the mother more proof that what she had seen was real.

The mother’s reaction to the light globe in the room was one of delight and amazement, leading her to believe that something supernatural was happening in her home.

She posted images of the strange encounter on TikTok to make it appear as natural as possible. As a result, internet users expressed a wide range of perspectives.

Some decided to believe the woman’s assertions, while others suggested that there was a flaw in the camera or that bugs had intruded into the frame.