At the age of 66, a mother had her first child: This is how their life looks right now.

Adriana Iliescu of Romania made international headlines when she became a mother at 66. While many questioned her decision and whether it was genuinely altruistic, Adriana was finally happy to have her bundle of joy.

Eliza was born in 2005, and news of her birth went swiftly worldwide. Despite criticism for her advanced age, Adriana demonstrated that there is always time to pursue your aspirations – and that anything is possible with the help of people around you.

Her story encourages people who are told they are too old to do something, demonstrating that you can achieve your goals at any age.

Eliza’s mother revealed the truth about all the harsh comments she received when she was five in 2010. She exuded confidence, declaring that she still felt young and vibrant regardless of what others thought of her appearance.

She reasoned that if she could keep up with women half her age regarding health and vitality, she wouldn’t have to care about other people’s thoughts.

Some tried to make light of the situation by referring to Eliza as a grandmother, but her presence in her life made it easier than ever for her to remain youthful.

Adriana made headlines at 71 when she expressed her desire for a second child. While many would regard this as an inconceivable feat, modern medicine has made such a thought more than a pipe dream. Adriana is confident it is possible because a 70-year-old woman in England is already undergoing fertility treatment.

Adriana’s daughter Eliza couldn’t be prouder of her mother’s ambition and sees her parents’ advanced age as nothing out of the ordinary.

After all, with Adriana’s healthy lifestyle choices, such as not smoking or drinking, Eliza can still expect to spend a lot of time with her mother, even if Adriana lives as long as her parents did.

Adriana’s life significantly changed when she was young after she lost her kid and spouse. She devoted her entire energy to her career after that, eventually becoming a professor at a university in Bucharest.

When she chose to have a child in her late thirties, her friends and family thought she was crazy, mainly because there were no IVF treatments available at the time. Adriana became pregnant with triplets thanks to the assistance of Dr. Bogdan Marinescu.

Tragically, two of the kids died, but Eliza was born healthily and is now 17 years old. Eliza resembles her mother’s academic success; she is also a good student!

Eliza’s mother, Adriana, wanted her baptized as a child. Sadly, the nuns were hostile to the proposal, even declaring that the girl was the product of wicked forces. Yet, Adriana insisted that her daughter was a gift from God.

Adriana is currently eighty-three years old and works part-time as a lecturer while authoring children’s books. She agreed with the doctor who did her IVF operation that he would become Eliza’s legal guardian if she died.