Baby Girl is referred to as a “monster” and “ugly” by many. Her parents had to quit their careers to keep her alive.

On January 3, 2018, Batya entered the world. She was born with a rare disease that resulted in a twisted spine and a deformed skull. Considering her odds of survival to be zero, medical doctors classified her as “not compatible with life.” Her parents’ unwavering love and commitment disproved these predictions, though.

Naffi and Racheli Goldman stood by their daughter, Batya, in the face of great hardship and struggle, encouraging her to persevere despite the difficult circumstances she was born into.

From the beginning, Batya’s adventure was nothing short of miraculous. She faced many challenges in her early years, but she overcame them with remarkable courage and tenacity that motivated people around her. She battled for her life against all odds and the advice of the medical establishment.

Batya faced the overwhelming reality of being both blind and deaf, and as a result, her road was paved with difficulties. Batya’s struggle to survive was made more difficult during the first three months of her existence. She miraculously endured six revivals, each becoming more robust and resilient.

The mother of Batya Racheli boldly exposed the emotional turmoil she had through while pregnant. “We went for a regular scan during the sixth month, anticipating the typical joy of every couple looking forward to the birth of their first child. But as soon as the exam started, we knew something wasn’t right,” Rachel recalled.

The doctor shockingly informed the parents that their child was critically ill and was not likely to survive. The immediate termination of the pregnancy was advised. Despite this heartbreaking realization, Batya’s parents stubbornly stuck to their choice to go against the doctor’s advice and give their daughter a chance at life.

Despite hardship and severe criticism, Naffi and Racheli Goldman stayed unwavering in accepting their daughter, Batya, with steadfast love and care. Based firmly on their faith and the conviction that every experience has a deeper meaning than we can comprehend, they refused to end the pregnancy.

Batya was put in an incubator as soon as she was born and immediately admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. Naffi and Racheli chose to give up their business and devote themselves to spending every waking hour by their daughter’s side. They finally brought Batya home after three and a half trying months.

“We were adamant that Batya should have received the same warmth and love as other kids. Her condition had no impact on that. We knew this path would be challenging and transformative,” said Rachel.

However, when they decided to post images of Batya online, they were met with a barrage of hateful remarks. “The comments we received on our photographs were horrifying,” Naffi expressed their shock. We never foresaw the presence of such nefarious people.

The insults directed against Batya were incredibly nasty. She was referred to as “ugly” and even a “monster” by some people. Some people made cruel analogies, while others charged Naffi and Racheli with abusing their children.

Naffi and Racheli were devoted parents, persistent in their dedication despite the bitter remarks and constant difficulties they experienced. They firmly believed that Batya deserved love, adoration, and a loving atmosphere like any other child. Their unwavering commitment to their daughter’s welfare provided evidence of their enduring power and grit.

Naffi and Racheli committed to constant observation and oversight since they understood the enormous responsibility of caring for Batya. They rejected any alternative that would have kept them apart from their cherished daughter and remained steadfast in their determination to give Batya the best care and comfort possible.

They decided on a rotating shift system, with Racheli caring for Batya from midnight to midday and Naffi caring for her from noon to midnight.

Naffi and Racheli had to quit their employment to focus on Batya’s needs, so they resorted to the GoFundMe website for financial support. To ensure Batya’s continued well-being, happiness, and longevity, their page sought to rally support.

Thanks are extended for any assistance given, as doing so will allow us to give Batya the attention she deserves, said Racheli. Please think about telling your network about this topic.

This sincere appeal struck a chord with parents worldwide who were parenting kids dealing with the same difficulties as Batya. Inspiring and serving as a constant reminder of the unending love that drove their relentless efforts, parents like Naffi and Racheli’s fortitude and unshakable commitment had a tremendous effect on their children’s lives.

It is a monument to the human spirit’s tenacity and the extent parents will go to protect their kids in the face of difficulty.