Barry Newman, the star of “Vanishing Point” and “The Limey,” passed away at 92.

Barry Newman, a renowned actor best known for his iconic role in the classic action picture The Vanishing Point, died in a New York City hospital.

According to sources, the 92-year-old Emmy-nominated star died quietly, leaving behind a legacy that will reverberate with fans for centuries.

Angela, Newman’s beloved wife, confirmed his death and expressed tremendous grief and affection for her late husband.

Angela referred to Newman as a pillar of strength and support for many people, emphasizing his capacity to elevate spirits and empower others to embrace their true selves.

Angela wrote in her heartbreaking tribute to THR, “He possessed an extraordinary and infectious sense of humor that brightened the lives of everyone around him, radiating a genuine warmth that touched the hearts of many.”

Born and raised in Boston, Barry Newman became prominent in theater, film, and television. His path to eminence began when he met the legendary Lee Strasberg while attending Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Following this encounter, Newman embarked on a journey that led him to rigorous acting training in the bustling city of New York, where he studied under the guidance of a renowned acting professor.

Newman’s illustrious career included notable roles in several renowned films, including his appearance alongside Sylvester Stallone in the 1996 film Daylight, his collaboration with Steve Martin in the 1999 comedy Bowfinger, and his memorable performance alongside the late Peter Fonda in the critically acclaimed 1999 film The Limey.

Despite adversity, such as a diagnosis of vocal cord cancer in 2009, which curtailed his acting possibilities, Newman persevered and demonstrated his extraordinary talent on the big screen.

His latest project, the film Finding Hannah, which was completed in 2019 but will be released in 2022, exemplifies his dedication and unwavering passion for his work.

Reflecting on his career, Newman told a grand narrative about the influence of one of Steven Spielberg’s favorite films, the 1971 classic Vanishing Point, on his climb to fame.

While the picture first struggled to find an audience in the United States, it far exceeded all expectations in London. Newman recalled the excitement surrounding the movie’s premiere in London and how lines of eager moviegoers stretched across entire city blocks.

“In America, I was just an ordinary traveler picking up my bags at the airport, but in England, I became a hero,” Newman said.

Barry Newman’s imprint on the entertainment industry and the lives of the people he touched will be remembered forever.

While his fans and loved ones mourn his death, his tremendous talent, infectious humor, and steadfast light will continue to inspire and encourage us, serving as a timeless reminder of the profound impact one person can have on the world.