Bradley Cooper Upset Over Irina Shayk’s Rumored Romance with Tom Brady

Bradley Cooper, the 48-year-old actor, reportedly feels unhappy after learning about the rumored romance between his ex-partner Irina Shayk and NFL legend Tom Brady.

Shayk, a 37-year-old Russian model, and Brady, 45, were recently spotted together, sparking speculation about a new relationship. This news has left Cooper “bothered” and “conflicted” about his ex’s unique connection.

Cooper and Shayk began dating in 2015 and have a daughter named Lea, born in March 2017. Although they ended their romantic relationship in 2019, they have remained close as co-parents. Earlier this year, there were rumors of a possible reunion after the two showed affection in public.

According to an insider, Cooper’s reaction to Shayk’s alleged new relationship is far from indifferent. It would be a lie to claim that he is unconcerned about this, the source said.

Cooper profoundly loves and cares for Irina, considering her the mother of their child, and cherishes both as his favorite women in the world. However, with Shayk’s newfound connection with Tom Brady, Cooper worries that she may develop strong feelings for the football legend.

Tom Brady, known for being a loving husband and father, has qualities that make him an ideal long-term partner, which concerns Cooper. Brady’s stable and reliable nature adds to Cooper’s mixed emotions about the situation.

Interestingly, Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s ex-wife, has a different perspective. Reports suggest that she is not bothered by Brady’s new relationship. Sources say she sees it as a positive outcome since their divorce earlier this year. The news of Brady moving on is viewed as advantageous for her freedom and growth.

It is reported that Shayk and Brady first met at the wedding of mutual friends. While their relationship has not been officially confirmed, their close bond has sparked widespread speculation.

This alleged romance has been Brady’s most public display of affection since his divorce, despite earlier rumors linking him to other famous names. Unfortunately for Cooper, this new relationship may lead to a happy ending for Shayk and Brady.