Celine Dion’s devastating health update has been published in her new living arrangement with her sister.

Claudette Dion, Celine Dion’s sister, has delivered an emotional update on the singer’s long fight with stiff-person syndrome.

The 55-year-old artist holds firm in her opulent $1.2 million Las Vegas home where her sons René-Charles, Eddy, and Nelson are present.

Despite her difficulties, Celine takes solace in her sister Linda’s constant support, who has moved in to provide her with care and aid during these challenging times.

In a recent television interview with Le Journal de Montréal, Claudette revealed that Celine had struggled to find adequate treatments.

Nonetheless, she is determined to recover and seeks advice from prominent experts in uncommon disorders. “When I call her, and she’s busy, I call my sister Linda, who lives with her, and she tells me about Celine’s unwavering efforts,” Claudette explained.

“Celine always goes above and beyond, striving to be the best and achieving success in her career.” “However, at some point, your heart and body send you signals that you must pay attention to,” she continued, concerned.

Claudette highlighted the significance of relaxation for Celine. Listening to her body’s requirements has become essential to her recovery journey, given her unwavering passion for her work.

Celine is committed to maintaining her physical health and eventually returning to the stage to perform again, in addition to her unbreakable spirit.

Claudette highlighted her faith in Celine’s intrinsic discipline, which permeates all aspects of her life, reinforcing their faith in her ability to overcome this difficult phase. Despite the lack of definitive treatment, Claudette emphasized the importance of hope in their fight against the condition.

Celine, the youngest of 14 siblings, comes from a large and caring family. Stiff person syndrome is a condition that causes muscle rigidity in the trunk and arms as a result of different stimuli such as noise, touch, and emotional distress. Aside from muscle spasms, her lack of coordination causes frequent falls, limiting her mobility.

This condition primarily affects women, affecting females twice as often as males. Celine candidly announced her health diagnosis to fans in October 2021, postponing her Las Vegas gigs.

As time passed, Celine was forced to cancel the North American leg of her Courage world tour in January 2022 owing to health issues.

“I was hoping I’d be fine by now,” she added, “but I guess I just have to be more patient and stick to the regimen my doctors prescribed.”

Nonetheless, Celine discovered a ray of light while writing songs for the romantic comedy Love Again.

Her musical contributions took center stage in the film, which starred Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, and Celine made a small cameo as herself.

During this trying time, Claudette, 74, has been constantly updating concerned folks about her sister’s health. During a recent appearance on a Quebec television show, she expressed gratitude to the audience for their concern and assured them that Celine is working hard to recuperate.

“We’re all crossing our fingers, and I’m glad people are concerned,” added Claudette. “She is working hard, and we are confident in our ability to succeed.” “This will not be a defeat story,” she emphasized, her hope and drive unshakable.