Celine Dion’s sister gives an upsetting update on the singer’s failing health.

Celine Dion, the well-known singer known for her classic song ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ has revealed that she has stiff person syndrome. Her dedicated admirers have eagerly awaited updates on her health and well-being since she disclosed this news in December 2022.

While Celine has been very guarded about disclosing specifics about her condition and has mainly avoided the spotlight, her sister, Claudette Dion, has provided hope by recently providing an update on Celine’s state.

According to Journaldesfemmes.fr, Celine, 74, appeared on the Quebec TV show Bonsoir Bonsoir and stated that she is in a determined state of mind, working constantly to manage her symptoms.

“We’re all hoping for the best, and I appreciate everyone’s concern,” Claudette told the show’s presenter, Jean-Philippe Wauthier. “Celine is putting in a tremendous amount of effort, and we have confidence in our ability to overcome this challenge.”

Claudette described an emotional chat with her sister during which she said, “This cannot be possible.” It feels like a divine miscalculation.”

This Claudette news comes after Celine made the heartbreaking choice to cancel her entire global tour, which had been postponed many times owing to her diagnosis.

“I am working diligently to regain my strength,” Celine said in May, “but touring can be incredibly demanding even when you are at 100 percent.”

“I regret once again disappointing all of you. It is unjust to keep rescheduling the events, and as much as it bothers me, it is best to cancel everything now until I am truly ready to return to the stage.

Please know that I am not given up… and that I eagerly await your return!” Celine first revealed her “severe and persistent muscle spasms” in October 2021. Then, in December 2022, she issued a public statement confirming her diagnosis of stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological illness.

“I’ve been dealing with health issues for quite some time,” she admitted of her diagnosis, “and it’s been difficult for me to confront these obstacles and openly discuss everything I’ve been going through.”

Immobility in the trunk and arms is a common sign of stiff person syndrome, commonly provoked by noise, physical touch, or mental discomfort. Muscle spasms are a characteristic feature of Celine’s condition.

Celine previously stated, “Muscle spasms have occasionally hindered my ability to walk and prevented me from using my vocal cords to sing in the manner I am accustomed to.”

Individuals with stiff-person syndrome commonly fall because they lack reflexes that generally protect them. They frequently have movement issues, and the illness affects women twice as often as men.

Is it possible to treat stiff person syndrome?

Although there is no cure for stiff person syndrome, several therapy options can assist control symptoms and reduce the disease’s progression. Anti-anxiety drugs, muscle relaxants, and anti-convulsant pharmaceuticals are examples.