Christina Applegate Uses a Cane with the Letters ‘FU MS’ in Support of Her Multiple Sclerosis Battle at the SAG Awards

Christina Applegate gave a moving speech about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as she and her daughter, Sadie Grace LeNoble, walked the red carpet at the 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The actress, who was first diagnosed with the illness in 2021, said this might be her last performance at an award show.

Applegate took Sadie’s hand with real emotion and strength as they marched together in style. This shows that despite the uncertain future, they will stay strong together.

Christina Applegate stunned the audience at the 2021 SAG Awards. The 51-year-old wore a gorgeous floor-length velvet tuxedo gown.

It was equipped with an ornately carved cane bearing the initials “FU MS”—a heartbreaking reminder of her battle with multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in 2021.

This is Applegate’s last award show as an actor because the terrible symptoms of her disease make it hard for her to imagine getting up early and working long hours on set.

After several months of filming the third season of the Netflix drama Dead to Me, the actress was diagnosed with MS. This physically impacted her, forcing her to gain 40 pounds due to a lack of movement and drugs.

Even so, she decided, in the end, to watch her performance by herself, pausing when it got too hard. She stated that seeing herself in pain was a painful experience.

Christina Applegate recently talked about how successful her last TV show was, saying that she could look at it from a distance and judge it fairly.

In a December virtual interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she talked about how playing has been an escape for her over the years.

She spoke about how it has been a safe place for her through breakups, trauma, loss, and her fight with breast cancer.

Applegate said that through this artistic activity, she could escape her ego and lose herself in something that made her happy.

Christina Applegate told Clarkson that going to work every day allowed her to vent her feelings and let go of her anguish over her MS diagnosis.

She found peace in her Dead to Me character because it gave her a platform to deal with the issue without having to maintain a show or her sense of humor all the time.

Applegate freely talked about her internal problems by letting herself cry publicly, which was hard for her and changed her.