Courteney Cox of Friends has passed away.

Epidermolysis bullosa is a genetic condition in which the skin gets weak and blisters easily, even from minor injuries or everyday scratching.

Because their skin barrier is broken, patients may get blisters, scars, deformities in the affected areas, and infections that keep returning. There is no cure for this illness, but medicine can help with symptoms like pain and reduce the chance of getting other diseases.

Courteney Cox has done a fantastic job raising awareness about this underrepresented disease and pushing for better empathy among all parts of society by sharing Eli’s story on social media.

Her work is to help people suffering from epidermolysis get the respect they deserve and find effective treatments and cures to live a more fulfilling life free of agony.

Courteney is fighting epidermolysis bullosa, a disease that affects many people, including her pal Brandon (EB).

This genetic skin disease declines over time and often kills the person who has it. It is caused by a lack of proteins that hold the skin’s two layers together, which leads to severe pulling and permanent lesions.

Courteney has used her position to bring attention to this illness. She posted a video of Brandon with the caption, “My friend @bdog2k19 has epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare and potentially fatal genetic condition.”

In response to the post, she got a lot of support from her followers, who thought it was great that she used her platform for good.

Courteney encouraged her followers to visit @ebmrf and @ebresearch or post a video waving with the hashtag #comesayhi! to continue raising awareness and maybe finding therapies for EB.

As a result of Courteney’s determination to use her fame for such an important cause, many celebrities and fans have gotten behind this humanitarian effort.

Over the past ten years, Courteney has worked to spread knowledge and understanding of epidermolysis bullosa (EB). When a close friend’s child was born with a rare and terrible skin disease for which there was no cure, it significantly affected her.

She added that when people witness these children in pain, it is impossible not to feel hopelessness and compassion for them. Since EB isn’t a pervasive disorder, she thinks it’s important to spread the word about it.

Although no cures for EB have yet been discovered, Courteney continues to work relentlessly to educate the public about this illness.

She hopes that through raising awareness of its consequences and symptoms, a solution can be found soon so that individuals affected can enjoy entire and pain-free lives.

In addition to making more people aware of EB, Courteney is working hard to find new ways for researchers to look into possible cures for the disease by combining them with recent medical breakthroughs and getting experts to talk about them.

Her ultimate objective is to find a viable solution so all persons suffering from EB can receive the help they require.