Dennis Quaid opens up about his addiction struggles: ‘I’m glad to be alive.’

Dennis Quaid’s second opportunity in life is a priceless gift that he treasures. The legendary actor, now 69, has never been shy about openly addressing his difficulties with addiction and his road to recovery.

In 1990, about a decade into his thriving career, Dennis battled anorexia nervosa while losing 40 pounds to play tuberculosis-afflicted Doc Holliday in the film Wyatt Earp. At the same time, he bravely checked himself into rehab to address his severe cocaine addiction head-on.

Dennis talked about a transforming moment he had during that period in a recent interview for a magazine cover story.

He vividly remembered a “white light experience” in which he saw two stark routes before him: one leading to death, incarceration, or the loss of everything he valued, and the other leading to rehabilitation and recovery. Naturally, he chose the latter with firm resolve.

Dennis acknowledged the pull of drugs and alcohol and how they could provide short moments of happiness. He did highlight, however, that the transient joys they brought would inevitably spiral into a circle of troubles. His recovery path taught him that true happiness is found in something more fundamental and rewarding.

Dennis’ return to his Christian roots, cultivated in his hometown of Houston, Texas, proved to be the anchor he needed. His spirituality became a light of hope, filling the hole created by addiction.

During his time in treatment, Dennis wrote a faith-based song titled “On My Way To Heaven” to communicate his sentiments and thanks to his mother, Juanita.

This touching gesture convinced his mother that he was on the mend. It also started a profound and intimate relationship with his faith that he had not previously wholly embraced.

Dennis highlighted that his spiritual connection was not tied to a specific denomination. As he spoke about his next album, Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners, his enthusiasm for the hymns he adored as a boy at the Baptist church was evident.

He noted that the songs on the album were more introspective and soul-searching than standard religious themes. They addressed the inherent human desire to connect with something more significant.

Dennis is currently finding balance in his life by balancing his passions for music and acting. He treasures his devotion to his faith and his satisfaction as a father. He married Laura Savoie, who is 30 years his junior, in 2020, and they have been enjoying marital happiness ever since.

With his former partner Meg Ryan, he has a gifted son, Jack Quaid, who is now 31 and appears in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. He also has twins, Thomas and Zoe, who are 15 years old, from his former marriage to Kimberly Buffington.

Dennis’s heart is filled with gratitude daily as he reflects on his experience. He recognizes that life can be difficult, with various obstacles ready to knock us down.

However, he believes in enjoying the trip and savoring every moment it provides. His philosophy is to find joy in life’s experiences and to enjoy the ride regardless of the hurdles.

Dennis Quaid’s narrative of redemption, faith, and love is an uplifting monument to the force of tenacity and the transformational impact of finding a spiritual foundation during life’s difficulties.

Dennis acts as a light of hope for people seeking their route to recovery and enjoying the abundance life has to offer as he continues to succeed in his career and personal life.