Discovering Your Royal Ancestry: Are You Connected to Royalty?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out that you are descended from a Royal family? In recent years, genealogy and family history research have become increasingly popular. Thanks to companies like Ancestry and 23andMe, it is now easier than ever to trace your ancestors’ origins and uncover surprising connections to other individuals.

Experts suggest that certain common last names may indicate a link to royalty. Charles H. Browning, a member of the American Historical Association, has compiled a list of names that can be traced back to royal families across Europe. And it’s not just about England – these names have influenced many people in the United States as well.

Last Names Connected to Royalty

Here are some last names that may indicate a royal connection. If you have one of these names, you could be part of a royal bloodline without even realizing it:


This common last name is associated with Hugh Capet, the King of France who ruled from 987 to 996. Philip Evan Thomas, born in 1834 in New York City, was a notable descendant of this French monarch.


The name Watts is linked to Robert II, the King of Scotland, who reigned from 1371 to 1390. Mary Alexander, born in 1749, was a descendant of the Watts line. By marrying John Watts of New York, she established a new line of royal blood within the United States.


If your last name is Adams, you may have a connection to William the Conqueror, the King of England from 1066 to 1087. John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, was a notable descendant of this English king. He was born in Massachusetts in 1767.


Edward I, the King of England from 1272 to 1307, is the royal connection for the last name Roberts. Elizabeth Evans, born in 1781, was one of the descendants of this monarch. After marrying Cadwalader Roberts, she adopted this common last name.


James I, the King of Scotland from 1406 to 1437, has connections to the last name Livingston. Edward Livingston, born in 1764, was one of the modern descendants of this monarch. He was also the former mayor of New York City.


The last name Lewis is linked to Edmund Ironside, the King of England who ruled for a brief period from April to November 1016. Sarah Claypoole, born in 1802, was a famous descendant of this English king. She later married William David Lewis.


Henry I, the King of France from 1027 to 1060, has a descendant named Margaret Wendell, born in 1739. By marrying William Phillips, she created a new family name associated with the French monarch.


Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland from 1002 to 1014, is connected to the last name O’Brien. Reverend Matthew Patrick O’Brien, born in 1837 in Philadelphia, is a famous descendant of this Irish king.

Discover Your Royal Heritage

Did you know that these common last names have connections to European Royalty? If you have one of these names, take a moment to imagine the incredible history and heritage that you may be a part of. Explore your genealogy and uncover the stories of your ancestors, who may have played a role in the grand tapestry of Royal families. Embrace your potential royal connections and celebrate the rich lineage that runs through your veins!