Dr. Charles Stanley, a well-known preacher, Christian broadcaster, and author, died at 90.

The certainty of death is an unpleasant but unavoidable aspect of life. Announcements of someone’s death are never unpleasant to hear. Still, in the case of Dr. Charles Stanley, they are causing contemplation and celebration of his many significant achievements, even years after his death.

Dr. Charles Stanley was a well-known preacher, author, and Christian broadcaster with many accomplishments.

Dr. Stanley dedicated his whole adult life, spanning 65 years, to ministering to people and imparting the truths of the Bible. His legacy encourages all who strive for a life of meaning and service to others.

Dr. Charles Stanley, who led Atlanta’s First Baptist Church for five decades, died in 2021. During his tenure, the church became the most diverse congregation in the world, with members from 98 different countries.

Andy Stanley, his son, followed in his father’s shoes and created North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, where he is now serving as senior pastor.

In Touch Ministries paid tribute to the late Dr. Stanley, describing him as a man who lived a life of obedience and was now basking in the glory of seeing his Savior face-to-face. They asked for prayers for the Stanley family, who had lost a loved one.

CBN founder and Regent University Chancellor Pat Robertson joined hundreds of others in mourning Dr. Stanley’s death. “He was a great man of God, a remarkable Bible scholar, and his influence spanned the globe,” he said.

“Though Christians do not lament the death of one of God’s saints, the pain in our hearts lingers.”

Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley, a world-renowned Christian broadcaster and author, died in his 90th year. During his nine decades on this planet, he earned a name for himself by authoring over 70 books and selling over ten million copies worldwide.

Even in 2023, his most recent work was enthusiastically read and praised by readers of all ages. Dr. Stanley’s most significant accomplishment was laying the groundwork for Christian radio.

His globally renowned program “In Touch” was carried on over 4,000 television, radio, and satellite networks worldwide and was translated into over 120 languages. His teachings affected the lives of thousands, and his unshakeable faith gave many others hope.

The President of the Congress of Christian Leaders, Johnnie Moore, recently discussed how his grandmother’s devotion to Dr. Stanley’s teachings inspired him.

“Some of my earliest memories are of being in my grandmother’s house, and she would always have Charles Stanley on television,” he tweeted about Dr. Stanley’s death. “I believe she watched every one of his sermons twice, as did millions of others.”

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), the country’s premier Christian communicators, honored Dr. Stanley’s efforts to promote gospel preaching through the media.

In Touch Ministries was started in 1977 to disseminate the Bible’s message through various media channels. Dr. Stanley affected countless lives by sharing the gospel word with people all around the world through his pioneering radio and television broadcasts.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s life exemplifies the grandeur that can be attained when one is true to oneself and one’s religion. His thoughts, publications, and teachings will continue to inspire future generations, and his legacy will be treasured for many years.

Following Dr. Charles Stanley’s death, NRB President & CEO Troy A. Miller expressed his sympathies and hailed his remarkable history as a pioneer of Gospel outreach and Christian radio. Miller underlined that the late pastor was a valuable NRB member who always supported and encouraged the organization’s purpose.

Dr. Stanley’s death sparked a flood of tributes and memories on social media from his fans, many of whom credited him for sparking their spiritual growth.

Dr. Stanley’s impact on the Christian community and legacy will continue to inspire all who came into contact with his message and teachings, even if he is no longer with us.

Dr. Stanley’s first marriage to Anna Stanley ended in divorce in 2000, yet they shared a desire to spread the gospel notwithstanding their divorce. Anna passed away in 2014, one year before Dr. Stanley.

Dr. Stanley’s son Andy Stanley and daughter Becky Stanley Broderson survive him, as do six grandsons, three great-grandchildren, and half-sister Susie Cox.

His family will miss him, but they can find solace in the fact that his spirit will live on in the countless lives he touched via his ministry.

Although it is never easy to face losing a loved one, we may take comfort in knowing that Dr. Stanley is now with his Lord and Savior. Remember his life and achievements, and send our thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time.