Dr. Phil confronts a woman from Poland who claims to be Maddie McCann about a DNA test.

Julia Wendell, a 21-year-old Polish lady, appeared on Dr. Phil recently, hoping to learn whether she is Madeleine McCann, the British girl who went missing over a decade ago.

Julia had received death threats in her country and was transported to the United States for her safety by her attorney, Dr. Fia Johansson.

On the show, Dr. Phil and Julia talked about their surprising similarities, like how they both had the same cavity and similar problems with their iris. This made Julia think she might be Maddie.

Despite the time, the shared characteristics were evident, with Julia observing that her deformity “was a little fading now, but yes.”

Julia revealed that her physical traits are strikingly similar to Maddie’s, as she has the same eye deformity and laugh expression.

When Dr. Phil asked about Julia’s Polish parents, her mother refused to provide any information or confirmation of Julia’s birth.

This perplexed many viewers watching the show, especially since the private investigator looked so eager for attention.

While some people are suspicious of Julia’s assertions, others have voiced concern for her well-being. Finally, Julia is hoped to receive the love and support she needs to get through this challenging situation.

Many people wonder why such a lengthy and expensive process is required when a simple DNA test could answer the mystery without giving the McCann family any further anguish.

With all of the international attention on the case, one wonders why detectives haven’t taken a more direct approach to determine who is responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance.

The drawn-out incident only added to Madeleine’s parents’ suffering, with no resolution after months of inquiries.