Drew Barrymore on Her Childhood Oscars Appearance She got ‘Off The Rack’ despite making little money on ‘E.T.’

Drew Barrymore talked about the outfit she wore to her first Oscars event with Ross Mathews and Christian Siriano, a prominent fashion designer, on her talk program.

She thought about an event representing the pinnacle of success in the film industry, honoring artistic brilliance and garnering worldwide acclaim. It was a watershed moment in her career to sport such a stunning ensemble for an unforgettable evening.

Christian Siriano recreated one of his favorite Oscar-night stars, Drew Barrymore’s, classic look. She had made her film debut as Gertie in E.T. just a few months before her appearance at the 1982 Academy Awards, where she earned an indelible impact in a pink dress teamed with a sparkling pearl necklace and a white faux fur shawl.

Siriano exclaimed, “Are those real, girl?” as he admired the ensemble’s grandeur and authenticity.

Barrymore nostalgically told the audience about her clothing and emphasized its sentimental worth. She was proud to show off her skill and beauty to the world daringly after being catapulted to fame.

Drew Barrymore had an unforgettable fashion moment in the early 1980s while wearing an outfit purchased off a store rack. The actress, who was only a youngster then, has recently pondered how little money her family made from her breakout picture, E.T.

Barrymore has always been interested in fashion, and thanks costume designers for teaching her how to make garments seem beautiful.

Growing up in tailoring houses, she received excellent knowledge by witnessing how textiles were cut, tailored, and adjusted to fit different eras and body types.

These formative experiences prompted her to take style chances decades later when founding People StyleWatch’s digital relaunch. Even though the star’s iconic 1980s suit was purchased off-the-rack, it rapidly became an extraordinary piece that redefined fashion trends.

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