During Mama June’s custody battle, Alana Thompson, often known as Honey Boo Boo, suffered from “Deep Depression.”

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s mother, Mama June Shannon, and her sister, Lauryn Eifird, were involved in a lengthy custody battle, which Alana described as the most challenging period of her life.

The former Toddlers and Tiaras actress expressed her sadness in a TikTok video. Alana confesses that the years between the ages of 14 and 16 were unquestionably the most challenging of her life.

“I had doubts about whether or not I would even graduate,” she says. “To be honest, during that time, I felt lost and trapped in a deep, overwhelming depression.” But I’ve finally found serenity in my life.”

“I am overjoyed to announce that I graduated high school with a 3.0 GPA.” “Moreover, I will begin my ideal career as a neonatal nurse at the famous Regis University in Colorado in August,” the reality star exclaims.

According to Yahoo!, Thompson has been awarded a $21,000 scholarship to help fund her medical studies.

“I am overjoyed and proud of my accomplishments.” “These happy tears are a testament to my hard work,” Alana says, referring to her accomplishments.

Alana was just 14 when Mama June was arrested for possessing illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia. As a result, she was forced to live with her older sister, Lauryn. Alana will be 18 years old.

According to court records acquired by In Touch, Lauryn sued for custody of Alana in December 2021. Lauryn was granted sole custody on April 11, 2022, and Mama June was ordered to pay $800 monthly in child support.

Mama June expressed gratitude for Lauryn’s role as a mother figure in a statement to In Touch in March 2021, despite not being compelled to do so.

“In our family, we have always stood by each other,” she explained. She was sentenced to a 16-month community correctional program as part of her sentence. Mama June was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service beginning in August 2021.

Alana previously told Teen Vogue about her mother’s drug addiction and its tremendous influence on her life. “It’s pretty tricky. Many individuals are unaware of the devastation that drug and alcohol abuse can cause.

It’s not something I’d wish on anyone. I had no idea where my life was going when my mother’s addiction intensified. “I am proud of the person I have become and the progress I have made,” she said.