Eddie Murphy was sentenced to pay Mel B $61,000 in child support each month.

Melanie Brown, who used to be a Spice Girl, asked the court in 2020 for higher child support payments because her income had dropped so much.

As a result, Eddie Murphy was ordered to pay a higher monthly payment of $61,000 to Brown, who gave birth to their 15-year-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown. The celebrity couple welcomed their daughter into the world thirteen years ago.

Melanie Brown’s income has dropped to the point where she has been forced to file a legal action to request an increase in child support payments from her ex-husband, Eddie Murphy.

In court records, her lawyers said she could provide a good life for their daughter Angel until recently but now needs more money.

The original monthly payment of $44,000 needed to be revised.

Eddie Murphy, known to make a lot of money, agreed to pay more for his daughter Angel’s living costs starting in October and continuing until she turns 18.

The agreement was made in August, and he also approved funds for Angel’s mother, Melanic Brown’s, legal bills.

Eddie had not been involved in Angel’s life until lately; when Brown became pregnant in 2006, Eddie refused to be the father.

A paternity test, however, soon after substantiated her story and established his fatherhood.

Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown had a short romance in the year following his divorce from Nicole Mitchell.

Brown described the couple’s breakup in her 2018 biography, Brutally Honest, which resulted in the birth of their daughter Angel.

According to Brown, Murphy had been the love of her life, but after she left him for a few days to discuss purchasing a house together, he unexpectedly ended the relationship.

Even though their breakup broke her heart, Brown still thinks of him as one of her greatest loves.

Brown had taken a break from her relationship with Murphy throughout her pregnancy and returned to her hometown of Leeds to visit her mother, Andrea.

While she was traveling, it came out that Murphy had publicly denied being the father of the unborn child. Brown was embarrassed and scared by this, and Eddie’s dismissive answer to her request for a break worsened things.

Despite the previous setback, she was determined to make their relationship work after returning to Los Angeles.

Murphy claimed she was taken aback when Brown abruptly ended their talk. She had been in a close relationship with Eddie and had to deal with the heartbreak of his death.

Murphy and his mother, Lillian, are now essential to Angel’s life. It’s hilarious that Lillian now thinks warmly of her, as Angel splits weekends between seeing Eddie and spending time with her.

Brown gets a kick from seeing how Angel interacts with the person who looks so much like Eddie. In addition, she has been in financial trouble since her ugly divorce from Stephen Belafonte in 2017.

Liz Brown, the book’s author, has had an incredible financial adventure throughout her adult life. She has collected over £80 million ($158 million) in the last two decades.

She already had a house, an apartment in Los Angeles, and a successful job when she married Stephen.

After their relationship ended, she left only US$936 ($1667) in her bank account.