Elizabeth Hubbard, who appeared in ‘As The World Turns’ and ‘The Doctors,’ died at 89.

Elizabeth Hubbard, a well-known soap opera actress, died at 89, according to her son Jeremy Bennett on Facebook.

Jeremy expressed his profound remorse, noting that his mother had been a trustworthy guide throughout his life but not disclosing a precise reason for her death.

Regarding Mrs. Hubbard’s immeasurable legacy, he promised to keep her memory alive for the rest of his days. After learning of her death, Martha Byrne, Hubbard’s on-screen daughter from As the World Turns, paid tribute to her late co-star on Instagram.

In her impassioned eulogy, Byrne told her supporters that she had ensured Hubbard knew how much they all loved her.

She claimed she constantly passed on to Hubbard fan letters, videos, and other sentiments about her legendary depictions of Lucinda and Althea. The As the World Turns actress expressed her heartfelt grief over the death of her accomplished and charismatic on-screen mother.

The death of Elizabeth Hubbard, who played Dr. Althea Davis on the popular television show The Doctors, has devastated many of her admirers and colleagues. Co-star Kim Zimmer described Hubbard’s acting passion and commitment to honesty in her performances as unrivaled.

Zimmer also emphasized Hubbard’s impact on her life, promising to continue her legacy with renewed strength and courage.

Hubbard’s contributions to the entertainment industry extended beyond her daytime television employment. As Zimmer believes even her most devoted followers can attest, she possessed a natural force that cannot be reproduced.

Hubbard left a lasting impression on everyone around her through her dedication to honesty and authenticity in her art, which spanned nearly 20 years and 2741 episodes on The Doctors.

Hubbard and Zimmer had an inspirational talk in the days of her death that captured the depth of their bond.

Zimmer expressed gratitude for everything Hubbard has done for her throughout their 38-year friendship. In turn, Hubbard guided Zimmer to accomplish more, demonstrating her unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

As Hubbard’s family and coworkers mourn her death, Zimmer has promised to tell more about her extraordinary life.

Although she will be greatly missed, the world is a better place for having someone as dedicated to her profession and those around her as Elizabeth Hubbard.

During her illustrious acting career, Eileen Hubbard was best known for her depiction of Lucinda Walsh in the long-running television series As the World Turns.

Hubbard played a vital role in the show’s early episodes in 1975, and it aired for an astonishing 35 years, from 1975 to 2010.

Apart from that, Hubbard’s most recent on-screen performance was in the serial opera Anacostia, where she played Eva Montgomery. The show ran nine episodes between 2015 and 2018, and people praised her nuanced portrayal.

Hubbard’s remarkable work in daytime television earned her 11 nominations for the prestigious Daytime Emmy Awards. The outstanding actress was named Best Actress in a Daytime Drama in 1974 for her portrayal of Dr. Althea Davis.

She was also nominated in 1967 for Outstanding actress in a Daytime Drama Special for her performance of Edith Wilson in First Ladies Diaries.

Hubbard received the Gold Derby Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 in appreciation of her enormous contribution to soap operas.

Despite getting 11 nominations throughout the years, she never won a Soap Opera Digest award.

Hubbard sincerely acknowledged her passionate fan base and offered her love and gratitude to them in a 2015 interview with Soap Opera Digest.

She said the fans had a special place in her heart, and she treasured the poems they sent her. Despite having dated various guys in her life, she also claimed that her true love was her fans.