Elvis Presley’s ex-wife, Linda Thompson, reveals Lisa Marie Presley’s flashback photos: ‘Precious Little Child.’

Linda Thompson, who had an affair with Elvis Presley between 1972 and 1976, discovered a cache of vintage images of Lisa Marie Presley when she was younger. She posted pictures of the late artist on her 72-year-old Instagram account.

Thompson expressed nostalgia in the caption of her post as she reminisced about their time together, which was trapped in moments taken on Polaroid film: “As I glanced through these gorgeous images while cleaning this spring, everything seemed to stop still.”

Thompson lovingly remembered his beloved “Little Yisa Marisa,” a stunning six-year-old girl shown in the collage’s first three photos.

The missing two front teeth of young Lisa Marie are visible in the third Polaroid image, taken in November 1974 and aptly titled “Snaggle Puss.”

Thompson reflected on their years of friendship with love and admiration, adding that she will always be close to his heart.

In the fourth image, a young Lisa Marie is seen peacefully leaning on the shoulders of her friend Dee as they sunbathe on a boat in Lake Tahoe.

The sixth photo shows Lisa Marie dressed in pajamas and standing with Thompson and other women in front of a colorful Christmas tree.

Riley Keough, Lisa Marie’s daughter, starring in the Daisy Jones & The Six series on Amazon Prime, prompting Thompson to say, “If you haven’t watched this show yet, I highly recommend it!” It’s a fantastic series that you won’t want to miss.”

Lisa Marie Presley died at 54, leaving behind her mother, Priscilla Presley, an actress, and entrepreneur, as well as her three daughters, Riley, Finley, and Harper Lockwood, and her grandchild.

Lisa Marie was predeceased by her son Benjamin Keough, who died unexpectedly in 2020.

Linda Thompson, the late singer’s close friend, expressed her sadness at the news of Lisa’s death and recalled how she was among the first people to learn of Elvis’ death; it was 9-year-old Lisa who called Linda to share the news.

Lisa shared the same feelings of love and friendship when she sent Linda a text message with only two lines – “Love you Linda” followed by a heart emoji – soon before her death.

Thompson said that Lisa Marie’s beauty reminded her so much of her late mother and that it was a breathtaking sight.

She also said that their most recent conversation showed they love each other for no reason. Linda found comfort in that Lisa was sure she loved her parents unconditionally.