Dolly Parton uses Twitter to stay in touch with her devoted followers, and she frequently provides them delight by sharing relevant updates and nostalgic photos. Her newest post, however, caught everyone off guard, revealing an unexpected revelation.

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Throughout the weekend, the country music legend went to the internet to reveal an archival image. She is wearing a bubblegum pink crocheted dress that is elaborately beaded and has sleeves that are cloaked in lovely lace in the shot. Rose lipstick and makeup to match the set enhance her distinctive appearance.

A delicately placed lace bow on her luxuriously coiled blonde hair completes the look. Along with the photo, the 76-year-old icon revealed, “I am aware of my intelligence and equally aware that my hair color is not a natural blonde!”

The confession shocked her admirers, forcing several to admit they were unaware. “Not Blonde, Really?” exclaimed one skeptic, while another added, “Hold on! Please don’t disrupt our long-held illusions!”

“The latter part caught me by surprise,” remarked a third witness, causing another admirer to note down, “I was utterly clueless as well.” My gaze has only been drawn to those gleaming golden locks.

A rose, however, remains a rose, regardless of its hair color! Dolly, I beg you! Under no circumstances should you consider going back to your natural skin tone! The repercussions would be seismic!”

The caption accompanying her image may ring a bell for Dolly fans, as the singer once famously quipped during an interview, “I remain unaffected by the barrage of dim-witted blonde jokes, for I am conscious of my sagacity… and similarly conscious that I am not a natural blonde.”

Dolly’s previous practice was to dye her hair blonde, which she later replaced with wigs in the 1970s. “When wigs of commendable quality, capable of impeccable styling, appeared, I felt liberated because I realized I could adorn any coiffure at any time.” I have a wig that is perfect for any possible situation.

“These wigs have served me admirably over the years, and I hope to unveil my collection of wigs and hairpieces one day.”

In a humorous spin on her style, she once stated, “I drew inspiration for my appearance from a blend of Cinderella, Mother Goose — and a local courtesan.” Dolly Parton reveals how her goddaughter Miley Cyrus was instrumental in her ‘daring’ metamorphosis.

Dolly Parton reveals a heartwarming aspect of her life, shedding light on Miley Cyrus’s presence during her recent endeavors, emphasizing the link they share – a friendship that genuinely warms the heart!