Gwen Stefani has yet to learn who her boyfriend Blake Shelton was before ‘The Voice.’

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have come a long way since they were ignorant of each other’s existence in the entertainment industry.

Although both were famous in their different genres, it wasn’t until Shelton became a coach on NBC’s singing program “The Voice” that they crossed ways.

Also, when Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” asked if she knew he existed before they met, Stefani said she had no idea he existed.

This season, Stefani returns to the prestigious program as a coach, finally allowing them to meet and develop their deep relationship.

Stefani was surprised to learn the vast disparity between her and her partner’s musical and personal backgrounds.

She delightedly observed how the position of their opposites had become ordinary. She went on to call him a “true redneck” and remarked on the benefits of such a different pairing.

Even though she wasn’t sure what would happen, Stefani was thrilled to try new kinds of music with other artists. Gwen Stefani recently revealed how she felt when she reunited with Blake Shelton on The Voice.

She mentioned it would be a memorable experience because they had already written a song together and hadn’t been in the same room in a long time.

They wrote the 2016 smash song ‘Go Ahead and Break My Heart’ without meeting. Stefani revealed that when Shelton came over for the first time to rehearse the song, she became so nervous that she unintentionally sweated through her clothes.

She went on to explain that he had emailed her his verse, and she had responded with her verse all over her phone. That was a thrilling but nerve-racking event for both of them!

Stefani couldn’t help but shout about her boyfriend’s awards, praising him for his uniqueness. “Blake is unique,” she exclaimed. “With his presence, he can attract everyone around him, and his musical abilities are outstanding.”