Heaven, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a “fantasy.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famed former governor of California, goes into philosophical talks about heaven, mortality, and his problems in an intriguing and thought-provoking new documentary series named “Arnold,” now available for watching on Netflix.

This three-part series provides a fresh and exciting take on these issues. During a lengthy conversation, the 75-year-old actor was probed about his future by his long-time collaborator and friend, Danny DeVito, 78.

This caused Schwarzenegger to dwell on a similar issue posed by Howard Stern about what happens when we die.

In answer, Schwarzenegger stated unequivocally that after death, our bodies merely rest six feet beneath the ground. He highlighted that anyone who claims differently is lying.

Schwarzenegger remarked, “While we may not know what becomes of the soul or other spiritual aspects, we can be certain that the physical forms we have now will never reunite in the same way.” Despite his unease with discussions about death, he categorically denied the concept of heaven as a “fantasy.”

“It may be comforting to believe in the idea of reuniting with loved ones in heaven, but the reality is that we will not encounter one another after we depart,” Schwarzenegger said.

That, to me, is the unfortunate aspect. While others may find comfort in the thought of death, I do not.”

The actor claimed that he had lost “15 friends in the last two decades” from the bodybuilding scene, which has significantly impacted his view of heaven.

He now sees heaven as a place where he may mentally store the memories of those he loves—people who have shown kindness and generosity and made a big difference in his life and the lives of others.

Schwarzenegger defined it as a special place in his mind, similar to the front row of a theater, where memories of these cherished people always elicit sensations of delight and contentment.

Due to its launch on Netflix, the highly anticipated “Arnold” documentary series chronicles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extraordinary journey from humble beginnings in the Austrian countryside to the pinnacle of the American dream.

This production features in-depth interviews with Schwarzenegger and insights from his friends, opponents, co-stars, and different onlookers who have observed his extraordinary life.

Prepare to embark on a compelling and contemplative adventure as “Arnold” takes you on an incredible voyage through one of the world’s most legendary personalities’ life, triumphs, and tribulations.

This three-part documentary, available exclusively on Netflix, promises to provide an intimate and realistic picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s intriguing history.