Helping Children, One Painted Nail at a Time

The Inspiring Story of Thea and Elliot

In the heart of Cambodia, a chance encounter between Elliot Costello and a remarkable little girl named Thea sparked a powerful movement to combat the sexual abuse of children.

Thea, who painted her nails every day, asked Elliot to paint one of his nails while they were chatting. Little did he know, this simple request carried a deep meaning. Later, he discovered that Thea had experienced sexual assault.

As Elliot painted his nail, he made a promise to Thea – a promise to remember her, to bear witness to her pain, and to take action against the abuse suffered by so many children worldwide.

Introducing the #PolishedMan Movement

Motivated by Thea’s story and determined to make a difference, Elliot launched the #PolishedMan movement. This movement invites men to paint one of their nails as a symbol of solidarity with the one in five children who will experience sexual assault.

The goal of #PolishedMan is to end sexual violence against children. By participating in the movement, men commit to challenging and addressing violent behaviors and language, both locally and globally. It’s time for men to take the lead in driving change and reform to protect our most vulnerable.

Sparking Conversations and Inspiring Change

A simple painted nail can be a powerful conversation starter. It encourages dialogue about the prevalence of child abuse and inspires fresh strategies for prevention. Each painted nail serves as a visual reminder of the urgent need to protect our children and the role we all can play in making a difference.

Alongside raising awareness, Elliot also encourages people to make donations to support educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse. Together, we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to heal, grow, and thrive.

Join the #PolishedMan Movement and Create Change

We are calling on all men, including influential figures, to lend their support to this crucial cause. By sharing this article with your family and friends on Facebook, you can help spread the word and increase awareness about the #PolishedMan movement.

Remember, a single painted nail has the power to make a significant impact in the lives of countless children. Together, we can create a world where every child is safe, protected, and free from the horrors of abuse. Join us in this fight.