“I fought like crazy to get back on stage,” Susan Boyle says after revealing she suffered a stroke last year.

Boyle, the acclaimed artist who rose to international prominence after her incredible performance on the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009, wowed fans again during the season 4 finale. Susan Boyle, an actress famed for her honesty, has been open about her health issues.

Boyle, who is from Scotland, made an unannounced cameo appearance on the famous talent show that launched her to stardom in a spectacular turn of events.

During this appearance, Boyle bravely acknowledged her fight with a stroke, which she had suffered just a year prior, after her remarkable performance.

Boyle, determined to reclaim her due position in the spotlight, walked to the stage and delivered a beautiful version of “I Dreamed a Dream,” the song that had enthralled the globe and established her career on the competition show.

She joined the acclaimed West End company of Les Misérables to bring this beloved play to life.

Boyle, 62, expressed joy by saying, “This moment feels incredibly empowering.” It has special meaning because I had a minor stroke last April.”

Undaunted, she said, “I have pushed myself relentlessly to make my return to the stage possible.”

Following her incredible performance, show creator and acclaimed judge Simon Cowell took a minute to recognize Boyle’s unbreakable spirit.

“Susan, we owe you an immeasurable debt, and although I knew you were unwell, I firmly believed that if anyone could make a triumphant comeback, it would be you,” Cowell said at 63. This show would not be the same without you.”

The multidimensional “Wild Horses” diva took social media to interact with her fans and express her thoughts on her victorious comeback to the stage. She passionately shared beautiful photos from the fantastic event on her Instagram account.

“I had the privilege of gracing the stage alongside the extraordinary cast of @lesmizofficial tonight on @bgt,” Boyle wrote. The fact that I survived a stroke in April 2022 has given this event unprecedented significance.”

She ended her statement with, “Tonight, the fruits of my unwavering dedication and perseverance materialized as I sang the song that started it all, ‘I Dreamed A Dream.’”

I’ve poured my heart and soul into restoring my speaking and vocal abilities over the last year to get on stage and sing again.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, a stroke happens when blood flow to a specific portion of the brain is impeded or diminished. Stroke symptoms can include severe headaches, paralysis, difficulty speaking, and difficulty understanding people.