“I Want To Make The Most Of It,” Tom Reported as saying of life after the cancer death of his wife Linda.

Sir Tom Jones, a well-known musician, had a significant change of heart when his wife of nearly 60 years, Linda, died at age 80 from lung cancer.

His loss and the five-year hiatus caused his music career to suffer. He started on a new adventure with The Voice U.K. and released his 41st studio album, Surrounded by Time.

Jones recalls having to cancel a show after learning of her sickness and traveling to Los Angeles to see her in the hospital.

He wasn’t sure if he could sing again because he was so sad about losing Linda. He lived with her in Los Angeles for almost 40 years until her death made him return to the U.K.

Despite these challenges, Jones persevered and continued expressing himself through music. Sir Tom Jones suffered a tragic loss five years ago: his loving wife of 59 years, Linda Woodward.

Despite her final words asking him to go on without her, the musician has found moving on from the tragedy impossible.

He thinks he cannot form meaningful relationships with new people since his heart still belongs to Linda.

The biography of the Welsh entertainer is one of exceptional success and perseverance. Born Thomas Jones Woodward in 1940, he rose from a poor background to become an international star with hits like “It’s Not Unusual” and “Sex Bomb.”

Jones had to work in construction during the day and perform music at night to support his family. Despite having yet to go to a prominent destination like New York City’s Copacabana, he quickly became popular with the crowd at Welsh coal-mining working clubs.

Gordon Mills, a talent manager, spotted his talent in 1964 and signed him as an artist, giving him his stage name.

Tom Jones had always wanted to work in the music industry, but when he first moved to London, he faced financial difficulties.

His wife, Linda, who had always been his most persistent supporter and believer, went to work in a factory to help make ends meet as Tom tried to make a go of his job.

Fortunately, his hard work paid off in 1965, when “It’s Not Unusual” rocketed to the top of the U.K. charts and immediately became a hit single.

Before he stepped outside and encountered throngs of screaming admirers who nearly tore his jacket to shreds, he had no idea how big his success had become. He recognized how popular he had become at that point.

Linda was always there to keep Jones grounded as his popularity grew. She would remind him that he was still Thomas Woodward, her husband, despite his fame and affection.

During a game of billiards at their home on St. George’s Hill, Linda made it evident that the buzz around Jones wouldn’t suck her in. She reminded him to keep himself focused and accurate.

Tom Jones was puffing himself up, savoring the moment. His wife, on the other hand, had a completely different viewpoint.

She reminded him that her husband’s name was Tommy Woodward, not Tom Jones. The famous singer was caught aback by her reaction, which his pal found amusing. For him, her words were like a commentary on reality.

No matter how successful he was in his work or how famous he became among fans and admirers, his wife always brought him back to Earth and kept him grounded.

Jones was known as a renowned womanizer during his zenith of success, and his multiple extramarital romances became part of pop culture history.

One of these partnerships was renowned for resulting in the birth of his son, Jonathan.

On the other hand, Jones believes that Linda was always at the forefront of his mind; he claims their marriage was not “open” and that any effort at straying would result in severe punishment.

Jones was left wondering how he could protect himself from himself after Linda’s death.

Tom Jones, backed by his son and manager Mark, struggled with the difficult task of singing again after his wife’s death.

To find peace during this challenging time, he sought the advice of a grief counselor, who advised him to sing Bob Dylan’s ballad, “What Good Am I?”

Tom found solace in performing this song because it made him wonder if there was anything he could have done better, prompting him to gather several musician friends in a hotel room to review the lyrics.

Despite his sorrow, Tom was able to perform live for the first time in two months at Hampton Court Palace in London.

During the performance, the audience applauded, and he could sense their encouragement. Despite the challenging conditions, he was convinced that everything would be fine.

This experience made him appreciate life more, so he tried to enjoy it and take advantage of every chance.