In a new extreme operation, a woman who wants to resemble a ‘forest elf’ gets a Barbie nose and cat eyes.

Individuals often choose a new hairstyle or a wardrobe makeover in a society where people frequently seek change in their image.

However, a subset of people turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance. It is worth noting that the urge for more changes frequently emerges after undergoing surgical treatment.

Unfortunately, the decision to have repeated plastic operations is rarely helpful.

Meet Mary Magdalene, a 25-year-old superstar from Toronto, Canada, who has gone to tremendous lengths to achieve her desired appearance, both monetarily and physically. Her alterations have elicited conflicting emotions, swinging between admiration and skepticism.

In a recent online post, Mary brazenly declared that her “new face” resembled a mysterious being—an appealing “forest fairy elf.” Her path into plastic surgery began when she was 17 and embarked on a career as an exotic dancer.

The first operation she had was breast augmentation surgery. Mary’s life took a drastic turn from that point forward, propelling her into internet stardom and accumulating over 300,000 followers on her now-suspended social media account.

With the pandemic outbreak, she became a full-time online dancer, charging $110 for five-minute sessions.

“During these sessions, I engage in conversations, perform exotic dances, and sometimes simply act as a therapist,” Mary Magdalene told Unilad.

It’s amusing to get requests ranging from folks wanting to see me eat, twerk, or try on clothes to those with foot fetishes and others calling for humiliation and insults.”

Mary has had multiple surgeries over the years, and the list of procedures is so long that it’s easy to lose track.

She has undergone a brow lift, fat transfers, three Brazilian butt lifts, several nose jobs, breast augmentations, liposuction, veneers, and buttock injections, among other procedures.

The total cost of all of these procedures has surpassed $100,000. Due to safety concerns, Mary was forced to travel to Russia for her most recent venture, as the needed surgery could not be performed in the United States.

“Next week, I have scheduled eyebrow transplantation, jaw augmentation, and lip enhancements,” she said. My facial change will be complete after these operations.”

“Although the doctors believe I have achieved an optimal appearance,” the dancer and model continued, “they respect my desire for a unique aesthetic and remain open to assisting me in reaching my goals.”

Mary’s recent ambition was to have the “fattest vagina in the world.” Fat was taken from various parts of her body and injected into her vaginal region to accomplish this.

Unfortunately, difficulties developed, leading to increased development on her left side and the production of scar tissue. She received two blood transfusions to save her life.

“During the surgery, I almost died. The doctor saw that I was losing a lot of blood, and my skin was pale. On the No Jumper podcast, Mary Magdalene described her near-death experience, saying, “I custom-designed it, so I have the fattest vagina in the world.”

He honestly thought I wouldn’t make it.” “For an entire week, I felt nauseous, convinced that I was on the verge of death,” she said of the aftermath. Furthermore, I experienced a significant allergic reaction to the newly obtained blood during the transfusion.”

One would think such a horrific event would deter her from future procedures, but this brave woman is unfazed. “I plan to have my next breast surgery in a couple of months,” she stated firmly.