I’ve already spent $73,000 on surgery and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Patrick has made quite a stir with his novel approach to artistic expression via cosmetic surgery. To obtain a doll role model, they spent a stunning £58,000 ($72,719) on Botox injections, filler substances, and procedures.

Patrick is sometimes mistaken for a woman because of his bleach-blonde hair, long lashes, and large lips. It’s worth noting that Patrick does not identify as feminine and has since revealed the genuine reason for their continual cosmetic surgery.

What makes Patrick’s path of self-expression so remarkable is their unwavering commitment to acquiring what they call the “plastic look.”

His devotion to this aesthetic has prompted them to spend much money on cosmetic treatments, totaling £58,000.

They recently added veneers to their repertoire, which cost an extra £2,500. Patrick began this adventure at 18 when he decided to have cosmetic alterations to complement his naturally feminine characteristics.

They have grown to love the doll-like appearance and have accepted it entirely.

It’s important to note that Patrick’s desire for a doll-like appearance is not based on a desire to change their gender, as some people who opt for similar surgery do.

They have stated that their passion for this aesthetic stems from a desire for personal expression and genuine enjoyment of the plastic look.

Patrick has also appreciated effortlessly switching between male and female roles, underscoring their distinct approach to self-identity.

Patrick claims their transformation to a more feminine face was simple due to their naturally feminine characteristics.

They have meticulously maintained their beauty since discovering their interest in cosmetic treatments at 18. They undergo fillers every month in various parts of their face, including their lips, chin, cheeks, and under-eye region.

Botox injections are also part of their routine every three months. Patrick has spent approximately £45,500 on Botox and other cosmetic treatments since their first visit to an aesthetic salon.

In addition to injections and Botox, they had a nose operation and a facelift to achieve the desired artificial appearance. Patrick’s focus on obtaining doll-like symmetry and flawlessness is simply astounding.

Seeing how people get ideas for their style and appearance from various places is incredible.

Patrick’s obsession with the perfection that dolls portray has become his driving force.

They are constantly striving to improve their features to reach a similar style. Patrick’s experience reminds us that self-expression can take many forms and that unexpected sources can influence personal style.