Jamie Foxx’s publicist dispels baseless reports regarding his hospitalization while the actor remains out of the spotlight.

Jamie Foxx’s passionate fan following has been experiencing significant worry since he experienced a confusing medical episode. Jamie’s health problems were first revealed by his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who announced them on Instagram.

“We feel compelled to inform you all that my father, the esteemed Jamie Foxx, faced a medical complication yesterday,” Corinne wrote on Instagram.

Fortunately, prompt action and excellent treatment have put him on the road to recovery. We know the tremendous love he receives from you and are grateful for your prayers. We respectfully want privacy for our family during this time.”

However, there has been little information about Jamie’s condition since Corinne’s disclosure, leaving fans worried.

With no public appearances or signs of development on his next film, “Back In Action,” fears have grown. Jamie showed gratitude to his Instagram followers on May 3rd with a touching thank-you note.

Interestingly, several readers have questioned the note’s legitimacy, questioning whether Jamie wrote it himself. Despite Corinne’s guarantee on May 12th that Jamie was no longer hospitalized, his devoted followers remain skeptical.

As a result, a slew of strange conspiracy theories about Jamie’s well-being, or lack thereof, have begun to circulate on social media sites. One erroneous assertion even claims that the COVID-19 vaccine’s side effects caused his hospitalization.

Jamie Foxx’s team has categorically dismissed these COVID-related conspiracy theories.

According to NBC News, author A.J. Benza claimed on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s podcast that Jamie experienced a stroke due to the COVID-19 vaccine, which left him with movement and visual impairments. However, Jamie’s employees refuted Benza’s false and completely inaccurate claims.

Despite the rising backlash over Benza’s comments, Dr. Drew Pinsky invited him to his show. Pinsky responded to NBC News via email: “A.J.’s statements were based on confidential sources, so I can only speculate within the boundaries of what he shared on the show.”

My honest hope is that Mr. Foxx recovers completely and that A.J.’s sources are inaccurate.”

Pinsky continued, “There is currently no evidence, and I have no reason to believe that Jamie’s medical condition directly correlates with vaccine therapy or any post-COVID phenomenon.”

He stressed that Jamie’s medical staff must provide evidence to support such allegations. Corinne Foxx has not commented on Benza’s charges or Dr. Drew Pinsky’s intention to spread his message. Nonetheless, her upbeat personality shines through when she promotes Intel’s products on Instagram Stories.