Jay Leno is in our thoughts and prayers

The legendary comedian Jay Leno was involved in a motorcycle accident last week, which required him to be hospitalized for his injuries. He broke two kneecaps and two ribs and fractured his collarbone. Despite this, he is doing well and returned to work quickly after the incident.

The incident occurred only a few months after another unfortunate event, a house fire at his Los Angeles home that resulted in second-degree burns. In an interview, Jay discussed the aftermath of the bike crash, revealing that he “was knocked off his motorcycle” on January 17th.

Fortunately, despite his severe injuries, Jay has been determined to recover entirely and has maintained a positive attitude throughout, expressing that he is “fine” and has already returned to work despite the severity of his current condition. As a result, Jay fans can be confident that their beloved celebrity will soon be fully recovered.

Jay claims he was out exploring on his 1940 Indian motorcycle when he smelled gasoline and decided to take a detour. “As a result, I directed the bike down a backstreet and crossed an adjacent parking lot,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Someone had unknowingly strung a wire across the parking lot without a flag or any other visible warning signs.”

Jay was severely injured due to this unforeseen danger, as he continued riding unknowingly into the wire, causing him to lurch out of his seat and onto the pavement. He lamented to onlookers that he was completely unaware of the threat because of the invisible line until it was too late for him to act, leaving his motorcycle to roll on its own.

In November 2022, Jay experienced a traumatic event when a fire broke out in his garage in Los Angeles, California. Due to the fire and subsequent explosion, he was rushed to the hospital with serious facial injuries.

He admitted to having suffered significant burns in a statement issued at the time, and while it would take some time for him to recover, he reassured people that he would be fine.

Due to his condition, Jay had to cancel his upcoming appearance in Las Vegas, and an email was sent to those planning to attend. Because of Jay’s medical emergency, they didn’t have much more information on the situation other than confirmation of his survival, according to the message.

To show their support, attendees were asked to pray for him and his family during this difficult time.

The accident footage can be seen here.