Jennifer Aniston was heavily criticized by her mother

Jennifer Aniston grew up in a challenging environment. Her mother, actress Nancy Dow, often criticized her and pointed out her physical flaws.

Jennifer suffered severe stress, and she felt insecure and unattractive. She found it challenging to get along with the other adolescents and struggled at school.

She could not physically or psychologically resemble her mother, even though she shared a home with her. This led to a challenging and frequently unpleasant upbringing.

Jennifer had always been aware of her parents’ deteriorating marital issues, which finally led to their divorce. Despite her best attempts, she couldn’t help but feel self-conscious, unattractive, and lonely.

Jennifer realized that her dyslexia was the root of her academic difficulties and that she wasn’t as terrible as she had believed.

She began to question the authenticity of her mother’s judgments of her. Jennifer was increasingly reliant on her mother’s erratic behavior due to this.

Nancy once laughed in Jen’s face after her outburst in response to her mother’s remarks. Jennifer learned from this to be quiet and accept criticism in silence.

Because of her mother’s frequent criticism, Jennifer Aniston experienced a great deal of insecurity.

However, she started to feel more confident after earning her first job in Hollywood and getting a nose operation. Despite this, she and her mother continued to have a tense relationship and even skipped Brad Pitt’s wedding.

After years of treatment, she has learned that her mother was only attempting to assist her in the best manner possible, and as a result, she has forgiven her.

She credits her difficulties as a child for giving her courage and fortitude.